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May 2009

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14 May

Move Over Gen Y: New Research by MCN and Habbo on has some surprising revelations [VIDEO]

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The young ones

Forget the baby boomers, move aside Gen Y: the next generation is here and ready to make a difference.
[02:00] news.com.au | 13 May 2009

Watch the video from news.com.au here

12 May

THE NEXT GENERATION HAS LANDED : Youth Forum Releases Unique Research Defining “Generation Z”

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Youth Forum Releases Unique Research Defining “Generation Z”

12th May, 2009 – Move over Baby Bombers, enough of Generation Y, a new influential generation ‘Generation Z’ has been identified at a forum today held by Multi Channel Network (MCN), Habbo Australia, and Channel V at the Sydney Opera House.

The Next Generation forum, hosted by Jason Davis aka “Jabba”, gave fresh insight to advertisers and marketers about the characteristics, values and media and brand consumption habits of Australian youth in the 13 and 24 year-old demographic. However, the focus of the forum was on the previously undefined teen demographic of 12 -18 year olds who are part of Generation Z.

Speakers at the event included; Paul MacGregor, top Australian blogger and MCN youth strategist; Jeff Brookes, Asia Pacific Director, Habbo.com.au and Sulake; Shaun James, General Manager, Music Channels for XYZ Networks.

* Click here to see the full media release
* Click here to view the presentation
* Click here to see the Global Habbo Youth Survey.

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