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The Next Generation has Landed

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The Next Generation has Landed

launch-admin Dec 16, 2009 0 1160

Youth Forum Releases Unique Research Defining “Generation Z”

  • Informed purchasers: Gen Z love advertising, but research carefully before deciding
  • Gen Z cares less about fame & fortune than Gen Y & more about enjoying their work
  • Brands must align with Gen Z values: altruistic, environmentally aware & community-minded

Move over Baby Boomers, enough of Gen Y, ‘Generation Z’ is the influential new consumer group to watch, Singapore’s leading marketers, government representatives and top youth brands were told at the Next Generation forum.

The Forum unveiled the results of more than 12 months of research into the characteristics, values and media and brand consumption habits of Singapore youth currently in the teenage demographic – otherwise known as Generation Z.

The comprehensive online research features responses from thousands of teens in Singapore, South East Asia and around the world, and demonstrates there is a sub generation of youths with markedly different characteristics and value systems to that of their Gen Y predecessors. (Generation Y is a globally recognised name for the high profile generation of youth currently aged between 19 and 30 years old.)

For more information and to view the entire press release please press the link:

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