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ingogo put money where their app is and guarantee advanced bookings

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30 May

ingogo put money where their app is and guarantee advanced bookings

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MEDIA RELEASE * ingogo launches Melbourne presence with new feature * Calling for people to take on the ingogo $10 challenge Monday 5th May, 2014: Taxi app and mobile payment provider, ingogo, is calling upon Australians to take the ‘ingogo challenge’ and use the app’s new Future Booking feature, which guarantees passengers a $10 credit if their advanced booking is cancelled and a replacement taxi cannot be appointed. The new feature, which is available to users across Sydney and Melbourne, allows passengers to book trips up to 48 hours in advance. It incentivises drivers to pick up cancelled bookings as it deducts $10 from the driver who cancelled the booking and then provides it to the next driver as a cash bonus. The bonus is increased by another $10 for any additional cancellations until the booking is completed. In the situation where ingogo cannot find a replacement taxi, a $10 credit will be returned to the passenger. ingogo, which also today launched its services in Victoria, is the only taxi app on the market to offer a guarantee for advanced bookings. ingogo is the first app to make future bookings available on the Android platform. They are also the only taxi app that provides a payment system with wireless terminals inside taxis, as well as a booking system. ingogo tested the new feature with a beta trial over one month with 500 passengers. When comparing the results of this group’s app activity before the feature to after, ingogo saw a 58% increase in the number of completed jobs. There was also a significant reduction (23%) of job cancellations by drivers, plus over $100,000 of trip payments processed from the pilot. Founder of ingogo, Hamish Petrie, said the new initiative has been launched as part of their disruption and cause for change within Australia’s taxi industry. “We understand how frustrating it can be for passengers to have drivers not turn up, especially for airport and business travel, so we wanted to put a stop to it and set a high service standard that would create more work for drivers and in turn improve the taxi industry.” he said. “We want to take as many steps as we can to ensure customers are never left waiting and we are confident that our app and Future Booking technology will guarantee this for passengers. So much so, that we are prepared to do something that no one else on the market is doing, and that is to offer passengers a $10 guarantee that once a driver has accepted their Future Booking job a taxi will turn up. Full stop. We are now calling on Aussies to download our app and test out our promise for themselves.” Mr Petrie added that he anticipated the service promise would shake-up the market in Melbourne, as they have been doing in Sydney. “Dominant payment players in Victoria, such as GM Cabs and Live Payments, have already tried to push us out of the market – we’ve received legal threats and had an attempted smear campaign against us, but it’s only fuelled us to work harder. This new offering aims to further disrupt the taxi incumbents. None of the existing networks including Cabcharge who own: 13 Cabs / Black Cabs as well as Silver Top, currently offer any guarantee to passengers once their job is accepted.” ingogo began recruiting for drivers in Melbourne at the start of 2014. They now have over 500 taxi drivers signed up to the ingogo system, with hundreds more joining the platform every month. “We’re incredibly excited by the initial response to the app, and look forward to Melbourne passengers helping us grow our network even further with our new ingogo challenge,” he said. The new future booking feature allows users to watch how far away their driver is on a GPS map and can call or private message their driver directly, bypassing the networks. The feature also sends push notifications to remind both the driver and passenger of the booking, as well as an email to users to let them know the booking has been accepted. ingogo is inviting Sydney users who travel inter-state, to now use the app in Melbourne, including at Melbourne airport using the pre-booked taxi bays. The launch of the feature comes as both Victoria and New South Wales begin to introduce reforms that will support the growth of taxi apps in Australia as well as improve safety standards. The app can be downloaded in iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/au/app/ingogo/id463995190?mt=8 Or the Google Play Store: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.ingogo.passenger -Ends- Media Contacts Laura Douglas laura@launchgroup.com.au> laura@launchgroup.com.au 02 94292 1002 or 0452 505 859 Sarah Tsiros sarah@launchgroup.com.au> sarah@launchgroup.com.au 02 9492 1034 or 0466 805 364 About ingogo: ingogo is a mobile app which assists customers to easily hail and pay for taxis. It was founded by the successful team behind Moshtix. It allows passengers to communicate directly with registered taxi drivers in their local area, see when drivers are coming and where they are on a map, with the option to pay for rides using ingogo’s safe in-taxi payment terminals or virtual mobile accounts. It currently operates in Sydney and Melbourne.

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