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8 Jun

What is Orthorexia?

by launch-admin Jun 8, 2007 0 Uncategorized

It’s great to eat healthy food, and most of us could benefit by paying a little more attention to what we eat. However, some people have the opposite problem: they take the concept of healthy eating to such an extreme that it becomes an obsession. I call this state of mind orthorexia nervosa: literally, “fixation on righteous eating.”
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8 Jun

Is Sleep Apnoea Hurting your Relationship?

by launch-admin Jun 8, 2007 1 Uncategorized

Are you a snorer? It’s mostly blokes that are afflicted – but watch out, because snoring can be a warning sign of sleep apnoea, a serious condition that can drastically shorten your life – and it could also kill your relationship.
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8 Jun

New media means new challenges

by launch-admin Jun 8, 2007 0 Uncategorized

Much has been written about the power of the citizen journalism to empower average folk to contribute to the democratic process, by providing a voice outside the mainstream and encouraging more diverse, independent, reliable and accurate news coverage.
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8 Jun

The Twitterization of Blogs

by launch-admin Jun 8, 2007 0 Uncategorized

Most bloggers prefer mundane tidbits to deep thoughts, and backed by voice transcription and video sharing, the cell phone may soon be the tool of choice.
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7 Jun

Comedy Business Turns to the Web

by launch-admin Jun 7, 2007 0 Uncategorized

LOS ANGELES – For Will Ferrell, who commands up to $20 million for movies like “Anchorman” and “Blades of Glory,” starring in a short Web video may not seem like the best use of time.

7 Jun

Channel Nine’s reluctant frontman

by launch-admin Jun 7, 2007 0 Uncategorized

FORGET power and influence, Australia’s newest media mogul, Adrian MacKenzie, is only interested in profits.

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6 Jun

Blog coming soon

by launch-admin Jun 6, 2007 0 Uncategorized

Welcome to the Launch Group blog