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July 2007

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31 Jul

The revolution continues says PricewaterhouseCoopers – 31 July 2007

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A revolution is under way in Australia’s entertainment and media sectors, which are set to be worth a staggering $28.7 billion by 2011, according to a new report. The PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) Australian Entertainment & Media Outlook: 2007-2011 report has found that a number of sectors, including out-of-home and print media, have developed more robust and timely audience measurement processes that will demonstrate insights into consumer behaviour to advertisers. Read the full press release from Pricewaterhouse Coopers here.

25 Jul

Does Your Brand Have Portability Potential?

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Third-Screen Branding Poses Its Own Unique Set of Challenges. For all intents and purposes, the launch of Apple’s revolutionary iPhone – complete with folks lining up and even sleeping on sidewalks in anticipation – heralded a new age of portability. The iPhone and all other soon-to-be-launched mobile phone-centric devices are not simply about the portable phoning capability (so yesterday). They’re about the portable internet; portable entertainment; portable news; weather and sports; portable retailing; and, yes, the opportunity for portable branding. Read more here.

24 Jul

Privacy Is The New Black

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After a week where Ask launched AskEraser, a product that allows users to erase their search history, and Google announced a reduction in retained data time from 2038 to 18 months, more privacy initiatives are on their way.
According to the Wall Street Journal, Microsoft will officially announce Monday “new policies and technologies to protect the privacy of users of its Live Search services” and Yahoo will announce plans for “a policy to make all of a user’s search data anonymous within 13 months of receiving it.”
Read the full article from techcrunch here.
Image Credit (New School)
23 Jul

Stella McCartney and PETA will co-host on Second Life the first worldwide anti fur protest

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Stella McCartney and PETA will co-host on Second Life the first worldwide anti fur protest. The full article can be found here, see Stella McCartney’s press release here and watch the debate continue in Second Life Herald.
18 Jul

11 U.S. food and drink companies to restrict advertising practices aimed at children

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NEW YORK: Eleven of the biggest U.S. food and drink companies will adopt new rules to limit advertising to children under the age of 12, a move that restricts ads for products such as McDonald’s Happy Meals and the use of popular cartoon characters. Read the full article here.

16 Jul

Geek Pride Blooms Into a Real-World Subculture

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NEW YORK – The nerds are in the hoouusse!

On a steaming Saturday, a horn-rimmed posse of software engineers, computer programmers and support technicians was grooving at a most unlikely spot — a fierce underground music venue here. The act: MC Chris — king of the burgeoning world of “nerdcore rap” — who dropped rhymes like Jay-Z with a pocket protector, Eminem with complexion issues. See the full article from the Washington Post here.

16 Jul

Cisco CEO, John Chambers discusses the impact of web 2.0 on business communication.

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Chambers says whilst blogging is “cool” and podcasts are “nice”, the real growth story in web 2.0 is its use as a business productivity tool. “The ability to virtually be in the same room wherever you are around the world – and share the same data, the same voice and video fixed and mobile… then tie it all together in a simple, one click to use ability.” See the Vlog here

13 Jul

First National Indigenous TV station launched

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Australia’s first national 24 hour indigenous television station is on air. The maiden hour-long broadcast of National Indigenous Television (NITV) was beamed live from Sydney to more than 600,000 viewers this morning. Read the full story here

13 Jul

Rich Pickings

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A satirical video on teenage affluence is influencing hearts and minds through YouTube. See the video on Launch News Page or read the full article here.

12 Jul

IMPACT: The new political forum for MySpace users

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Federal Opposition leader, Kevin Rudd and Greens Party Leader Bob Brown seeking friends at the launch of MySpace impact in Sydney, 12th July 2007.
MySpace representatives commented on the IMPACT initiative as a screen by screen alternative to traditional door to door political campaigning.