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10 Oct

Fair Trade in Bloom

by launch-admin Oct 10, 2007 0 Uncategorized

By Andrew Downie

VARGINHA, Brazil – Rafael de Paiva was skeptical at first. If he wanted a “fair trade” certification for his coffee crop, the Brazilian farmer would have to adhere to a long list of rules on pesticides, farming techniques, recycling and other matters. He even had to show that his children were enrolled in school.

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10 Oct

Agencies Will have to Steer Marketers Towards the Big Ideal In This Marketplace, the Four P’s Are No Longer Enough

by launch-admin Oct 10, 2007 0 Uncategorized

By Jonah Bloom

For years now, corporate-communications experts have been telling anyone who will listen that a company’s financial performance is tied to what the company stands for beyond the balance sheet. But their theories have fallen on deaf ears, with colleagues in the marketing department preferring a brand-centric focus on price, promotion and product benefits to the business of dealing with awkward issues and their company’s place in the world.

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2 Oct

A Cellphone Without Borders

by launch-admin Oct 2, 2007 0 Uncategorized

By David Pouge
It’s amazing the way the Internet keeps toppling traditional businesses. Telegrams have gone away. Music CD sales are tanking. Newspapers are hurting. One especially lucrative business, however, has somehow escaped the Internet’s notice so far: international cellphone calls. That’s about to change. Early next month, a small company called Cubic Telecom will release what it’s calling the first global mobile phone. But first, some background. Cellphones from T-Mobile and AT&T rely on the same type of network (called GSM) that most of the rest of the world uses. In theory, then, you can take these phones to other countries and make calls as usual. (Most Verizon and Sprint phones work only in the United States.)
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20 Sep

Are Ebay and the Others the New New Media?

by launch-admin Sep 20, 2007 0 Uncategorized

The web, it turns out, is doing more than just transforming media-business models — it’s blurring the definition of media in the first place. Papa John’s, who insists it is not a media company, runs ads for Gamefly, Six Flags and Sports Illustrated on its site. Does a media site create content with the goal of selling ads or subscriptions to pay for it? Or can we now define as a medium any site that aggregates an audience through other means — e-commerce or lead generation — then it turns around and sells to advertisers? Read the full article from AdAge here.

28 Aug

Traditional IT department to disappear in radical five year transition

by launch-admin Aug 28, 2007 0 Uncategorized

The IT department as we know it, will no longer exist after 2012. Not only will there be a radical shift in skill sets but the traditional IT shop is likely to have a different name with IT managers even sporting new titles like innovation manager or director of processes. In the next five years, the IT department will shrink by one third as a result of increased automation, according to John Roberts, Gartner vice president and distinguished analyst. But it isn’t just about size, Roberts said this transition will see IT’s focus shift dramatically from technology to business processes and relationships. Read the full article here.

23 Aug

Tots Getting Internet Identity at Birth

by launch-admin Aug 23, 2007 0 Uncategorized

NEW YORK — Besides leaving the hospital with a birth certificate and a clean bill of health, baby Mila Belle Howells got something she won’t likely use herself for several years: her very own Internet domain name. Likewise newborn Bennett Pankow joined his four older siblings in getting his own Internet moniker. In fact, before naming his child, Mark Pankow checked to make sure “BennettPankow.com” hadn’t already been claimed. A small but growing number of parents are getting domain names for their young kids, long before they can do more than peck aimlessly at a keyboard. To read the full article from the Washington Post, click here.

23 Aug

Search technology prominence grows

by launch-admin Aug 23, 2007 0 Uncategorized

Search technology is becoming a central tool in everyday life, said Ask.com CEO Jim Lanzone at the Search Engine Strategies 2007 conference in San Jose, California on Tuesday. Once limited to giving out just a bunch of links, search has expanded to offer more context, options, and tools, Lanzone said. “For the next 10 years, [search is] going to be the way that you navigate the world of information and media,” Lanzone said. See the full article from Paul Krill (InfoWorld) here.

16 Aug

Want Great PR? Get Your Agencies to Share the Load

by launch-admin Aug 16, 2007 0 Uncategorized

Case Study: The New Maytag Repairman Owes His Life to Integration
Those of us lucky enough to have a few decades of advertising and marketing behind us can say with all certainty that the foundation has shifted. Whirlpool Corp. revitalized Maytag’s brand icon through a concerted effort on the part of its agencies. The efforts generated nearly 2,000 candidates vying for the role as the Maytag Repairman. The three-month search cost less than $500,000; Whirlpool estimates its value at nearly $10 million.
Read the full article from AdAge here.
15 Aug

Virgin America: Like a Multimillion-Dollar IPod That Flies

by launch-admin Aug 15, 2007 0 Uncategorized

Virgin America launched its U.S. air service yesterday, and immediately staked a claim as the most geek-friendly airline yet invented. It’s also one of the most comfortable and pleasant to fly in — and it’s reasonably priced. Take a look at the amazing fit out at wired.com
15 Aug

A freak blog migrates into an institution

by launch-admin Aug 15, 2007 0 Uncategorized

After over two years at freakonomics.com, Steven Levitt and Stephen Dubner — co-authors of the 3-million-copies “Freakonomics” — last week moved their blog under a bigger and more institutional brand, that of the Opinion section of the New York Times’ website. The migration of the blog has been hotly debated. See the Ted Blog for more.