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28 Nov

Orphaned Project

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Launch Group Co-founded the ORPHANED Project with photographer Don Mirra to spread awareness of this growing global issue currently affecting 143 million children.

ORPHANED is a book and documentary film project with an associated cause marketing campaign that will launch globally in November 2009.

20 Nov


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DON’T DISCRIMINATE, I PUT HAPPINESS AHEAD OF MONEY, MY PARENTS ARE MY CAREER ADVISORS 20th, November 2008 – A national survey of more than 2,000 Australians aged 13 to 18 years has revealed that the spirit of egalitarianism runs deep with Australian teenagers who consider the absence of workplace discrimination as the second only to happiness on the job when it comes to selecting their future employer.

The findings are part of an annual Careers survey of 2,273 Australians aged 13 to 18 years released today by Habbo (www.habbo.com.au), the preferred online playground for Australian teenagers with almost a third of Australian teens as regular users. Almost half (47%) of the teen respondents said “career enjoyment” was their primary goal, with 40% selecting the absence of discrimination based on race, gender or sexuality was vital in their choice of employer.

“Earning a lot of money” ranked a distant third – with only 16% of respondents indicating that this is important in their choice of employer or career. The ability to work their way to the top of a company received a favourable response by only 13% of respondents, and “having a positive impact on an issue that affects all Australians” was nominated as important by 9% of teens surveyed. The full announcement can be found here.

28 Oct

Youth No Longer Defined by Age; Consumers Stay ‘Younger’ Longer

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The traditional demographic definition of “youth” is no longer applicable in today’s society, and marketers should target consumers based upon their engagement and participation in youth culture rather than by chronological age, according to the “Golden Age of Youth” study from Viacom Brand Solutions International (VBSI), writes MarketingCharts.

As people worldwide delay the onset of adult responsibilities and stay emotionally and physically younger for longer, it is becoming more acceptable for older people to participate in youthful pursuits. To support this trend, marketers should routinely consider the often-overlooked 25-34 age group a part of the youth market, VBSI said. Read the full story here.

22 Aug

Japan to launch carbon footprint labelling scheme

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Japan is to carry carbon footprint labels on food packaging and other products in an ambitious scheme to persuade companies and consumers to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions.
The labels, to appear on dozens of items including food and drink, detergents and electrical appliances from next spring, will go further than similar labels already in use elsewhere. They will provide detailed breakdowns of each product’s carbon footprint under a government-approved calculation and labeling system now being discussed by the trade ministry and around 30 firms. Read the full article from The Guardian here.

20 Aug

The Information Future of the Corporate Board

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Boards won’t be well positioned to take on greater responsibilities for company performance unless they can have access to the right information at the right time. However, despite the growing availability of information about publicly traded companies, directors traditionally rely solely on information that comes from management when they make boardroom decisions.

This condition of dependence results from what we term “information asymmetry.” And if boards are to effectively fulfill their duties, they may well want to shift the balance by seeking – with management’s blessing – both more information and information from independent sources. Read the full article and find a link to the accenture report here.

15 Aug

Yes, Companies Are Responsible for Charity

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It’s Wrongheaded to Think Businesses’ Social Awareness Doesn’t Matter to Employees, Consumers, Investors

Writer Jonathan Salem Baskin appeared to channel economist Milton Friedman in his July 21 Ad Age column (“Transparency, Not Charity, Is Corporation’s Responsibility”) when he asked, “So where in the game rules does it say that companies have to be ‘responsible’ for anything other than profits?” Let’s check the rule book for a few key constituencies whose increasing expectations, strong voices and behavior are changing the game. Read the full story by Mike Lawrence from Ad Age now.

6 Aug

Australia’s Favourite Teen Playground Chooses Launch

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Habbo appoints Launch Group after competitive pitch.

6th August 2008: The world’s largest virtual world for teenagers, Habbo Australia, will be increasing its profile in the Australian and New Zealand market in the coming twelve months and has awarded its public relations account to the Launch Group (Launch), after a competitive pitch.

Established in 2004 by Sulake, Habbo Australia is a combination of a teen virtual world and a social networking online game where Habbos (virtual representations of members), socialise, play games and create user-generated content. Globally, Habbo is one of the world’s largest virtual game sites with 100 million registered Habbos across 31 communities and countries (Source: Sulake Statistics March 2008) Most (70%) of Habbo’s users are aged 13-16 years, equally distributed between girls and boys.

Launch CEO Fleur Brown said she was excited to add Habbo to Launch’s client portfolio. “Habbo is a unique account, and a leading brand in Australia for teens, who are emerging as a sought-after and generally advertising-astute demographic. We look forward to delving deeper into Habbo’s innovative teen research, and communicating some of the insights around this elusive but powerful demographic”. See the full announcement here.

4 Aug

Talks Kevin Kelly: Predicting the next 5,000 days of the web

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Kevin Kelly has been publisher of the Whole Earth Review, exec editor at WIRED, founder of visionary nonprofits, and writer on biology and business and “cool tools.” He’s admired for his new perspectives on technology and its relevance to history, biology and religion.

At the 2007 EG conference, Kevin Kelly shares a fun stat: The World Wide Web, as we know it, is only 5,000 days old. Now, Kelly asks, how can we predict what’s coming in the next 5,000 days?

See the video from TED here

1 Aug

Google CEO Worried About Decline of Investigative Reporting

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NEW YORK – The declining state of investigative reporting in American newspapers and other traditional media worries Google CEO Eric Schmidt. In his stage appearance at the recent Ad Age Madison & Vine conference, he surprised many with his lament that investigative journalism was fading along with the newspaper industry that once championed it. See the article from Ad Age here.
Watch the Video here.

15 Jul

Advertisers Push Publishers to Cross Editorial-Advertising Line

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Editors, publishers and media buyers claim that advertisers are increasingly pressuring magazines to blur the lines between advertising and editorial with ever-more brazen requests. And publishers, desperate for ad pages, are finding it difficult to say no, writes Mediaweek.

Recent examples of the blurring of the line include Harper’s Bazaar’s recent decision to give over 40 pages of its editorial in its July issue to a new Estee Lauder perfume campaign. “Our editors are given the freedom to cover the subjects that they believe will most interest the reader. In this case, Estee Lauder was working with four women who frequently appear in the pages of the magazine,” says a Harper’s Bazaar spokesperson. Read the full article here.