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Best Brand on Earth? Starts With a G …

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Best Brand on Earth? Starts With a G …

launch-admin Apr 22, 2008 0 1341

Search Giant Keeps Its Spot Atop Millward Brown Rankings

Research firm Millward Brown recently took its annual look at which “brand” — that is, the stuff of a product or service’s intangible relationship with consumers — contributes the most to its overall value. As you’d expect, luxe marketing creations such as Louis Vuitton, Porsche, Hermès, Gucci and Cartier, affordable to so few, top the list. But No. 6 comes as a surprise. The opposite of luxe, this one is found in more than 40 varieties, is used by million upon millions and retails for just a few bucks in most grocery stores. Find the full article at NEW YORK (AdAge.com)

Brand Bling
Top 10 value in North America
* Google
* GE
* Microsoft
* Coca-Cola
* Apple
* McDonald’s
* Marlboro
* Wal-Mart
* Bank of America

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