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Australia’s Favourite Teen Playground Chooses Launch

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Australia’s Favourite Teen Playground Chooses Launch

launch-admin Aug 6, 2008 0 1353

Habbo appoints Launch Group after competitive pitch.

6th August 2008: The world’s largest virtual world for teenagers, Habbo Australia, will be increasing its profile in the Australian and New Zealand market in the coming twelve months and has awarded its public relations account to the Launch Group (Launch), after a competitive pitch.

Established in 2004 by Sulake, Habbo Australia is a combination of a teen virtual world and a social networking online game where Habbos (virtual representations of members), socialise, play games and create user-generated content. Globally, Habbo is one of the world’s largest virtual game sites with 100 million registered Habbos across 31 communities and countries (Source: Sulake Statistics March 2008) Most (70%) of Habbo’s users are aged 13-16 years, equally distributed between girls and boys.

Launch CEO Fleur Brown said she was excited to add Habbo to Launch’s client portfolio. “Habbo is a unique account, and a leading brand in Australia for teens, who are emerging as a sought-after and generally advertising-astute demographic. We look forward to delving deeper into Habbo’s innovative teen research, and communicating some of the insights around this elusive but powerful demographic”. See the full announcement here.

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