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10 Apr

Tangled up in the new web

by launch-admin Apr 10, 2008 0 Uncategorized

Privacy, safety, plus ads and restrictions: it’s Web 3.0, Annalee Newitz reports.

WEB 2.0 is well established, and sites such as YouTube, Flickr, Facebook and Digg have turned the internet from a static source of information into a huge, interactive digital playground. But where to next? What will the next stage of web culture – which some people call Web 3.0 – be like?

The expectation seems to be that profound changes are on the way. If Web 2.0 is about generating and sharing your own content, Web 3.0 will make information less free.

Read the full article here.

8 Apr

Man offers face as advertising space

by launch-admin Apr 8, 2008 0 Uncategorized

JASON Niebling wants to be a “human advertising billboard” and work for whichever company is permanently tattooed on his head. And the 37-year-old from Ipswich, west of Brisbane, doesn’t care if people think he’s an idiot – just as long as the crazy scheme pays off and he can better provide for his wife Amy and children Tre, Tanika, Candis and Finette.

Mr Niebling already has the left side of his face and his bald head covered in non-advertising tattoos, but the right half is up for sale to the highest bidder.

8 Apr

School computer program on track says Gillard

by launch-admin Apr 8, 2008 0 Uncategorized

THE first $100 million of Labor’s $1 billion school computer election promise is on track to be handed out by June 30. The Federal Government is talking to states and territories about meeting extra costs. Australian Deputy Prime Minister Julia Gillard today insisted the plan, announced at Labor’s campaign launch and the centrepiece of its education revolution, remains on track. Ms Gillard said Labor had always said it would be a partnership between the commonwealth and state and territory governments. Read the full article here.

1 Apr

Most Online Advertising Still Doesn’t Start Conversations

by launch-admin Apr 1, 2008 0 Uncategorized

On the internet today, asking for feedback is in.

The media already are onboard. Virtually all journalists solicit feedback by listing their e-mail addresses next to their bylines. Some go even further by overtly asking for help with their stories.

Companies, too, are slowly transitioning their communication strategies toward more open, collaborative programs. They are actively trolling social networks and forums in search of insights. Some, but not yet many, are engaging stakeholders directly through venues such as blogs.

Read the full article by Steve Rubel here.