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March 2009

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25 Mar


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World First as Habbo Hotel shuts down its virtual world for Earth Hour, 28th March 25 March 2009 – A survey of more than 4,000 Australian teens has revealed that the environment is still a major issue with 81 % saying they are concerned about the environment and 85% believing they could be doing more to help the environment.

The findings are part of a survey of 4,012 Australians aged 12 to 18 years old released today by Habbo (www.habbo.com.au), Australia’s most popular online playground for teenagers with 278,509 unique visitors a month. In response to Australian teens’ environmental concerns, Habbo will be the first Australian virtual world to close down for one hour at 8:30 PM AEDT in support of Earth Hour on Saturday 28th March 2009. Read the media release which includes survey results here.

11 Mar

PR Builds Brand for Complex Products Better than Ads

by launch-admin Mar 11, 2009 0 Uncategorized

Earned media that results from public relations efforts may be more important than advertising to brand value, especially for companies that sell feature-rich, high-involvement and complicated products such as consumer electronics, and financial services and vehicles, finds a survey by Text 100 and Context Analytics.

The findings of the “Media Prominence Study,” (pdf) which calculates brand value based on Interbrand’s 2008 Best Global Brands report, show that on average 27% of brand value is tied to how often the brand name appears in the press.

In industries that involve more research before purchases are made, the editorial content that results from PR can account for nearly half of brand value. For example, in the computing industry, media prominence accounted for 48% of brand value, or 16 times that of the personal care industry (4%). Similarly, media prominence in the automotive, consumer electronics and financial services industries was 23%, 20% and 19% respectively.

See the full article here.