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April 2009

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6 Apr

Aggregation Forces Journalistic Evolution

by launch-admin Apr 6, 2009 0 Uncategorized

News Outlets Must Accept That Consumers Want More Content Faster – and Don’t Care Who Creates It by Michael Learmonth and Nat Ives

March 30, 2009:
NEW YORK (AdAge.com)
A link on the Drudge Report can drive hundreds of thousands of views of: a news story, bringing a host of new readers and here’s hoping some ad revenue to go with them. But most of the many, many sites aggregating other people’s content can’t deliver that much traffic, and some don’t even try.

What’s more, a vast swath of readers couldn’t care less about anything deeper than a headline, which is a problem for the nation’s beleaguered journalistic institutions as they try to find a sustainable model for newsgathering on the web. Read the full story from Ad Age here.