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October 2009

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30 Oct

NEW RESEARCH: The Financially Responsible Generation, With an Appetite for Credit

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  • Half of Australian teens already saving for cars and houses
  • More than a third of Australian teens pay their own mobile phone bills
  • ‘Credit 101’ still required to educate teenagers about credit and debt

New research jointly released today by Veda Advantage, Australia’s largest credit bureau, and teen researcher Habbo, reveals our next generation of spenders. Generation Z are happy to save, and are more cautious about spending than their Gen Y predecessors, however they lack in some areas of financial knowledge.

The nationally representative online study of almost 2000 teenagers aged between 12 and 18 years, conducted by teenage researcher Habbo found Australian teenagers have strong convictions about paying bills on time, and ‘do not like owing people money at all’ – even if it’s to their parents.

For the survey results and to view the entire press release please press the link: VedaHabbo.docx

For more information about Habbo please visit: http://www.habbo.com.au/

For more information about Veda Advantage please visit: http://www.vedaadvantage.com/

30 Oct

‘FORGET ME KNOT DAY’ – 13th November: Support Australian Adult Survivors to Untangle the Knot of Child Abuse

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Friday 13th November is ASCA’s ‘Forget-me-knot Day’, when all Australians are encouraged to show their support for more than two million adult Australians personally affected by childhood abuse, as part of an International Week For Prevention of Child Abuse.

The knot in ‘Forget-me-knot’ Day is symbolic of the ‘tangle’ of childhood abuse, which in most cases is a lifelong challenge for the adult to unravel. For this largely ignored group, untangling the knot of childhood abuse is often a solitary, confusing and complex task.

ASCA’s ‘Forget-me-knot Day’ raises awareness of this struggle, and gives all Australians an opportunity to donate, and help adult survivors to reconnect with their community.

To view the entire press release please click the below link:
For more information please visit: www.asca.org.au/forgetmeknot