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June 2010

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23 Jun

Environment Key Election Issue for Next Generation of Voters

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Media Release

Environment Key Election Issue for Next Generation of Voters
• Little gap between preferences for next PM – Rudd (28%), Gillard (23%) & Abbott (20%)
• The environment most important national issue for teens

22nd June 2010 – New research released today by teen social media outlet Habbo Hotel, www.habbo.com.au, reveals Australian teens believe the environment is the most important issue for our country. Although most Australian teens would vote for the Labor party and Kevin Rudd in the next federal election, there is divided opinion as to who would make the next best Prime Minister.

The nationally representative online study of more than 2200 teenagers, aged between 12 and 18 years, was conducted by Habbo Hotel in May 2010. A quarter of the survey respondents are eligible to vote within the next 12 months.

Key findings of the Federal Election Survey include:

Next Prime Minister
• More than a quarter (28%) of respondents chose Kevin Rudd as the best next Prime Minister, followed by Julia Gillard (23%) and Tony Abbott (20%). Teens in the ACT chose Tony Abbott, in NSW, QLD, WA, NT & TAS teens chose Kevin Rudd and in SA and VIC, Julia Gillard, was the preferred next Prime Minister.

National issues
• When asked what the most important issues for Australia are, 29% of respondents chose the environment and climate change issues. This was followed by the economic recovery (20%), health (19%), education (13%), defence (4%), national broadband network (4%) and transport (4%).

Next federal election winner
• 36% of teens believe the Labor Party will win the next federal election, followed by the Liberal Party (26%), the Greens (8%) and the National Party (5%).

• 28% of respondents would vote for the Labor Party at the next election, followed by the Liberal Party (20%), the Greens (15%), the National Party (5%) and an independent (5%).
Political conversations
• 51% of Australian teens talk about politics, the election and national issues with their friends.

• Over two thirds (67%) of respondents said that their parents do talk to them about politics, the election and national issues.

Jeff Brookes, Regional Director Asia Pacific, Habbo’s parent company Sulake, said, “It’s interesting to see the voting preferences and predictions of teens in particular states. The research indicates that in a two party preferred vote the majority of teens in Victoria, South Australia, Tasmania & Queensland would vote for the Labor Party and that the majority of teens in ACT, New South Wales, Western Australian and the Northern Territory would vote for the Liberal Party.

“What these results reveal is that Generation Z are deeply concerned about the environment. If the political parties want to speak to the next generation of voters, they must do so about environmental and climate change issues. Australian teens are in touch with what’s on the national agenda, talking to their friends and parents about what issues matter to them. Previous research Habbo has conducted with Australian teens has indicated that the Next Generation are not back seat drivers – they want to be involved in helping to maintain the environment.

“We have been conducting research on Generation Z for two years and have observed that the next generation of voters are conscious of the global financial situation and its impact on their families, interested in social issues affecting Australians as well as the world globally, have a strong spirit of humanitarianism and they care about equality”, said Brookes.

To see the full media release, complete with poll charts, visit:http://launchgroup.posterous.com/

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