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June 2012

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6 Jun

Mumbrella360: Who is Gen Z and why do we care?

by launch-admin Jun 6, 2012 0 Uncategorized

Mumbrella360: Who is Gen Z and why do we care?

In a session at last year’s Mumbrella360, a panel discussed how the next generation of teenagers, Gen Z, is changing the way marketers and agencies comunicate with young consumers.
Video here
The session was curated by Launch Group CEO, Fleur Brown. The panel:

* Paul MacGregor, MCN and ThreeBillion.com
* Jeff Brookes, Managing Director, Sulake Australia
* David Scribner, marketing director, Virgin Mobile
* Dominic Thurbon, chief creative officer and co-founder, ChangeLabs
* Rupert Noffs, Co-founder and creative director, Gideon Shoes

The video highlights why Generation Z must be taken seriously, the role of social media in todays market and the 2010 Top Model winner debacle.

Source: Mumbrella.com.au