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Nike Australia launches +Nine, a store ahead of its time.

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Nike Australia launches +Nine, a store ahead of its time.

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SYDNEY, 30th July 2012:

 Friday July 27th saw the launch of +9, an innovative Nike pop-up store on Oxford St in Paddington, Sydney. The store is the result of a great collaboration between Nike Australia, US Sydney, Boffswana and The Locals in Melbourne.

“+9 is a store with a difference. +9 hours difference to be precise; it runs on British Summer Time” says Christy Peacock, ECD of US Sydney. “When Big Ben strikes 9am in London – 6pm here in Sydney – we open our doors. This way our day coincides exactly with each day of greatness on the other side of the planet. It’s a great way for Nike to express that +9 is full of things ahead of their time”

“The store features products never before seen in Australia, including high-profile innovations such as Nike Flynet, the Nike Lunarlon collection and Nike Pro TurboSpeed, the fastest track uniform Nike has ever created.” says Guiseppe Demaio of the Locals, Melbourne.

Running the store on London time means it’s open at night and closed during the day. To ensure people can still interact with innovations in store during the day, the team created an interactive experience that can be enjoyed from the street.

“We’ve created an experience that allows users to explore what’s inside the store, from outside,” says Robert Stock, Executive Producer of Boffswana Melbourne. “We did it by turning an outside window into an interactive touchscreen that enables users to navigate through Nike’s innovations.  Any interaction with the window also triggers projection mapped movies across a large ‘cube sculptured’ back wall in store, while lighting isolates and highlights physical product. We felt it important to give people an innovative experience that complimented Nike’s most innovative products.”Cam Davies, Nike Pacific’s Retail Brand Presentation Manager said “we’re delighted with the outcome of this project, after four months in the making. Our agency partners have seamlessly worked together to deliver against what was a challenging brief.”



Opening hours:

SYD 6pm – 10pm AEST

(LDN 9am – 1pm BST)

27.07.12 – 12.08.12


















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