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Fostering hope on World Suicide Prevention Day

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Fostering hope on World Suicide Prevention Day

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Media Release


Noffs community program shows encouraging results in reducing suicide



10th September 2012: Marking the 11th World Health Organisation (WHO) and International Association for Suicide Prevention (IASP) World Suicide Prevention Day 2012, the Noffs Foundation today released results showing that programmes helping ‘at risk’ youth can have a dramatic effect in reducing suicidality. There are over 2300 deaths from suicide nationally each year, and people between the ages of 15 and 24 one of the highest risks groups.


“Suicide is a complex and multifaceted problem, and there is no one answer when it comes to prevention. We feel privileged to have had the opportunity to help reduce self-harm and suicidality as part of our work to help young people with severe problems” said Mark Ferry, Deputy COO of Noffs Foundation.

In running support programmes and building community initiatives for youths experiencing drug and alcohol problems and related trauma, the Noffs Foundation often help those at high risk of self harm and suicide. The Program for Adolescent Life Management (PALM), a residential program for young people with serious alcohol or drug abuse of in five locations in Australia, has seen some success when it comes to preventing suicide.

Over one third (36.7 per cent) of young people entering the PALM programme between 2001 and 2012 reported a previous suicide attempt. These young people had on average attempted suicide 2.8 times. However, following the completion of the PALM programme, there was a marked decrease in the percentage of young people reporting suicide attempts. In fact, a 56 per cent fall in the number of participants reporting a suicide attempt was recorded in the three months before and after completing the programme (from 14.3 per cent pre- to 6.3 per cent post-PALM).

Mr Ferry said: “On a day when the world joins to focusing attention on one of the most serious issues affecting us all, we wanted to share our story of success from a program that is helping to bring down suicide rates in Australia.“

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About the Noffs Foundation: About the Noffs Foundation: The Noffs Foundation is one of Australia’s leading youth services providers, and an advocate for best practice in drug and alcohol provision, prevention and treatment. The Noffs Foundation was founded in 1970 by the great Australian humanitarian Reverend Ted Noffs to provide essential services for young people who experience drug and alcohol problems and related trauma, and their families. Noffs has pioneered new community outreach initiatives, including the opening of free educational and artistic recreational centres to support young people who are homeless, using drugs, involved with crime or simply need someone to talk to. Other services include residential and day programs, individual and group counselling, education, training and group outdoor activities. The Noffs foundation support over x people every year.

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