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ASCA urges communities to take part in Blue Knot Day

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ASCA urges communities to take part in Blue Knot Day

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October 29th, 2012

Support adult survivors of childhood trauma


Australia, August, 2012: This October 29th, Adults Surviving Child Abuse (ASCA) is calling on all community members, churches, religious groups and leaders to organise and host events in support of Blue Knot Day, and the week to follow until November 4th 2012.


Australia’s annual Blue Knot Day is about people from all walks of life uniting in support of the estimated four to five million adult survivors of childhood trauma[i]. It is an initiative run by ASCA – the leading national organisation advancing the needs of Australian adults who have experienced childhood abuse and trauma.


President of ASCA, Dr Cathy Kezelman, said the day had been expanded from the organisation’s previous national day, Forget-me-knot-day, to recognise the effects of all forms of childhood trauma, including abuse.


“Despite the prevalence of child abuse, supporting adult survivors remains a largely ignored issue,” she said. “Everyone knows someone who has been affected by some form of childhood trauma. We need awareness and understanding, as trauma in childhood, impacts not only its victims but also their families, partners and communities.


“This year we are inviting individuals to take action and unite with us. We have maintained a week long effort so communities nationwide can have the opportunity to hold local events and participate in activities which support survivors,” she said.


“With your support, this Blue Knot Day, we can bring hope and optimism to those affected and create open and accepting communities, encouraging those affected to reach out for support because with the right help, people can and do recover,” said Dr Kezelman.


Some ideas for activities and events include:

  • Hosting a breakfast, morning tea or luncheon
  • Hosting a bake-off with proceeds going to ASCA
  • Holding a faith-based service
  • Ceremonially unwrapping a building or object in recognition of survivors
  • Creating a Blue Knot Day themed display
  • Engaging in an activity in which you are able to raise money through sponsorship.
  • Buying and wearing a blue knot pin and/or friendship  bracelet – available from www.asca.org.au
  • Making a donation to ASCA to support more programs


ASCA encourages those organising public Blue Knot events to register event details on the ASCA website www.asca.org.au/blueknotday. By doing this, people across Australia who want to attend an event will be able to easily access information about events in their area or choose to host their own event if none is listed.


For the full range of activities and details being held during Blue Knot week (October 29th – November 4th), please visit www.asca.org.au


If support is required please call ASCA’s support line on 1300 657 380 or visit the website.




About ASCA:  www.asca.og.au

ASCA is a national charity which focuses exclusively on advancing the needs of the estimated four-five million Australian adults who are survivors of childhood trauma.  ASCA was formed in 1995 and provides a range of services: professional phone support, a referral database, workshops for survivors and their supporters, education and training programs for health care professionals and workers, newsletters for survivors and health professionals, advocacy, research and health promotion in the areas of complex trauma and trauma informed care and practice.  ASCA is also a founding member of the national Trauma Informed Care and Practice Advisory Working Group – advocating for a national agenda around trauma informed care and practice. ASCA is the key Australian organization providing hope, optimism and pathways to recovery for adults with complex needs who have experienced all forms of childhood trauma.


Childhood trauma:

As defined by ASCA, childhood trauma includes sexual, physical and emotional abuse, neglect, witnessing and experiencing the impacts of family and community violence and a range of other adverse events.


Twitter: @BlueKnotDay

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/blueknotday


Media Contact:

Laura Douglas

Consultant, Launch Group

laura@launchgroup.com.au or 02 9492 1000 / 0452 505 859


[i] Estimated from a range of key sources placing the figure at 4 – 5 million Australian adult survivors of childhood trauma.

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