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December 2012

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6 Dec

Noffs Foundation creates song and dance over Xmas holiday

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Noffs Foundation creates song and dance over Xmas holiday


Mount Druitt Street University announces new school holiday program for youth


6 December, 2012: Leading youth services provider Ted Noffs Foundation (Noffs) today announced their inaugural school holiday program for their renowned Mount Druitt Street University initiative, providing extra photography, hip hop dance and beat making workshops for young people over the Christmas break.


The centre will also be providing music workshops specifically for local Indigenous youth.


Street University is a free educational and recreational centre available to marginalised youth seeking support, social interaction or training. The Noffs operate two campuses – Mount Druitt and Liverpool – both offer courses in art, music, technology or business (only at Liverpool) to youth who may not have otherwise afforded them.


Mount Druitt Street University Manager Julie Dubuc said the school holiday program was developed in response to the growing need for activities around vacation periods.


“Holidays can be hard for some young people as they no longer have access to their school’s support system,” she said. “Christmas time is particularly stressful as it’s a heightened time of year and there is a lot more alcohol as well as party drugs being consumed. It’s also a time for a lot of family disputes to occur. Boredom can also be an issue.


“We are therefore providing additional recreational workshops in conjunction with our usual services – phone, Skype or email support – during the break as an option for young people facing this time of year. It’s completely free, it’s in a supportive environment and there is no need to book or call ahead.”


Workshops will be held from 2 pm until 6 pm and include: Photography and film making, beat boxing, hip hop, music production, lyric writing, performance coaching, audio engineering, plus much more.


Indigenous youth can also participate in the Mount Druitt Indigenous program, which offers a number of activities outside the area such as fishing, bush walking and trips to the movies.


Julie Dubuc added that the workshops were an alternative for youth to positively, creatively express themselves, be active, have fun and keep motivated with their goals.


“Street University empowers people to address their social issues in a new and different way,” she said. “Through creating an energy-positive community we can help develop human and social skills   not only for young people affected by drug and alcohol issues but other young people wanting to better their lives.


“There is a lot of talent out there, but a lot of the time young people don’t have the opportunity to pursue their interests and passions. The centre helps youth embrace their skills and enhance their lives, while reducing crime and alcohol and drug abuse.”


December plays host to Noffs’ annual Christmas appeal. Those wishing to support the program can head to their website www.noffs.org.au and make a donation online or visit www.streetuni.net to enquire about volunteering at a Street University. All proceeds will go to continuing initiatives like the school holiday program at Mount Druitt.


Looking for support? Call the main support line on 1800 151 045 or visit one of the Street Universities here:


Street University Liverpool

1 Speed Street (Cnr Terminus & Speed Street)
Phone: +61 2 8785 8000

Email: streetuniversity@noffs.org.au


Street University Mount Druitt

Suite 1, Level 1, 11 Cleeve Close

Phone: +61 2 8886 2800
Email: dubucj@noffs.org.au


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About the Noffs Foundation: About the Noffs Foundation: The Noffs Foundation is one of Australia’s leading youth services providers, and an advocate for best practice in drug and alcohol provision, prevention and treatment. The Noffs Foundation was founded in 1970 by the great Australian humanitarian Reverend Ted Noffs to provide essential services for young people who experience drug and alcohol problems and related trauma, and their families. Noffs has pioneered new community outreach initiatives, including the opening of free educational and artistic recreational centres to support young people who are homeless, using drugs, involved with crime or simply need someone to talk to. Other services include residential and day programs, individual and group counselling, education, training and group outdoor activities. The Noffs foundation support thousands of people every year.

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