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New fan-generated season of ‘Pete Boone Private Eye’ premiering on Aurora

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11 Apr

New fan-generated season of ‘Pete Boone Private Eye’ premiering on Aurora

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Season five of Pete Boone ‘Made by the fans, for the fans’

starts on Sunday 14 April at 8.30pm, with nine episodes

Sydney, 11 April, 2013: The new season of cult comedic TV series, Pete Boone Private Eye, is premiering exclusively this month on Aurora, Australia’s leading not-for-profit STV community channel, with an entire season created from start to finish by the show’s fans.

Pete Boone is about ‘Australia’s worst detective’ and after the TV show went into hiatus in 2012 at the end of season four, a large number of fans demanded to know what happened next. People started asking to create their own content using Pete Boone characters. This led the producers to turn to the fans and let them decide the new direction for Pete Boone.

Through word-of-mouth, scripts started rolling in and the crew got the actors on board and then passed it over to the fans. It resulted in breaking up the next season into three trilogies being made by three core fan groups – with everything being written, directed, shot, edited and produced entirely by the devoted fans.

The first episode of the new season (season five) is called Made by the fans, for the fans and it will premiere on Aurora on Sunday 14 April at 8.30pm, with the season finishing on May 9 2013.

Aurora Programming & Production Manager Corrie McDougall said: “The new season of Pete Boone is a series with a difference. It arose from the passion of its fans – not just as an audience but as the creators of the show itself. The production crew took a huge gamble in letting the fans call the shots, but thanks to the range of young talent it has really paid off.


“This season is a great example of how fan generated content can happen organically and genuinely.  It was only made possible because of the unique bond between the show and the Aurora audience, a chemistry which is highly sought after in today’s socially minded market. It’s simply about knowing what your viewers want and listening to your audiences and communities.”


The Pete Boone Producer, David Murdoch, said he did not know what they would receive from fans and they were unprepared for the diverse range of content suggestions they received.

“I was thinking dinosaurs or space travel but the fans came up with East Pennant Falls set in 1980s! They sent me the scripts and actor Mark Pereira who plays Inspector Gravel said he’d join in – and suddenly season five came into being.

“Everyone had a ball doing it and the fans at the end, with many university students, said it had been the best experience of their lives – everyone just had such a great time,” he said.


About Aurora: Aurora is committed to screening interesting, diverse and innovative content to encourage awareness and understanding of community issues and interests. All Australians have the unique opportunity to have their work broadcast on a national platform. Aurora Community Channel is a partner of Australian Made and is proudly supported by FOXTEL.


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