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Live TV trumps IPTV and social media for Aussie viewers

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16 Apr

Live TV trumps IPTV and social media for Aussie viewers

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Sydney, 16 April 2013 –The great majority of Australian’s say they prefer watching real time, live TV, and only 37% generally use social media while doing so. In fact only 12% said they prefer watching pre-recorded television compared to live TV.


These are the findings from a report released by ON AIR, the TV guide app that launches in Australia on April 16th. The research surveyed more than 1,000 Australians, asking them about their TV viewing habits.


Key findings include:

·          Seven out of ten of Australian’s exclusively watch free-to-air television

·          The favourite types of programs Australian viewers prefer to watch live on TV are: news (53%), drama (42%), sports (34%), and movies (27%)

·          Only 2% exclusively watch television programs exclusively via online means

·          63% of viewers generally do not use social media while watching TV


In the US, research by Nielsen shows that 87% of broadcast TV viewers and 93% of Cable viewers prefer to watch TV live as it airs.[1] Research on news consumption by BBC World News from ten countries, including Australia, found that at its peak time of 7pm, TV use is 50% higher than for any other device, and that mobile device usage peaks at around 1pm.[2]


Managing director of Stanwood, the developer of ON AIR, Andreas Riedel said: “Our research has shed much light on the real viewing habits of Australians. While there is much excitement around the rise of social TV and second screens, we shouldn’t forget the great majority of viewers who prefer to watch and enjoy live, real time TV on their sets.”


The research also queried viewers on their social media habits. It found that only just over one third of viewers (37%) generally use social media while watching television. Overall, very few Australian’s prefer to use social media while watching television, with only 9% saying they use social media while watching their favourite drama, and only 6% saying they use social media during live sports programs. Less than one in ten (9%) say they always prefer to use social media while watching television.


Riedel comments: “While some Australian viewers are super social, what we have found is that the great majority want to concentrate on their program not their mobile. In fact, even during ad breaks just 13% of us tend to jump onto social media.


“Interestingly of the 9% of super social viewers, as expected, the great majority were under the age of 35. What was surprising to us was that 60% were female, showing that young females are the trailblazing demographic for social TV.”


The research was conducted for ON AIR by independent research house Pure Profile, as part of the preparation for the launch of the ON AIR TV guide app http://myONAIR.com.au/download which is launching on April 16th.



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About ON AIR

ON AIR is a free TV guide app for iPhone, iPad as well as Android phones and tablets. It is one of Europe’s most popular TV apps, with 1.5 million downloads in Germany, the United Kingdom and five other countries. It was developed by an Australian-German team, and launched by stanwood in Germany in 2010.


ON AIR offers comprehensive listings for all Australian free-to-air channels along with images, push reminders, personalised TV recommendations, trailers or videos on YouTube, extensive social media functions and even recording controls for IceTV subscribers.


For more information: www.myONAIR.com.au


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