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Aussie Mad Men defy the stereotype: ŒWe¹re not cool, we don¹t do long boozy lunches and we don’t hang around the office¹

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Aussie Mad Men defy the stereotype: ŒWe¹re not cool, we don¹t do long boozy lunches and we don’t hang around the office¹

launch-admin Apr 17, 2013 0 2037

Aussie Mad Men defy the stereotype:

‘We’re not cool, we don’t do long boozy lunches and we don’t hang around the office’ 

New research separates fact from fiction for Australia’s $13.3bn advertising industry 

Wednesday, 17 April 2013: Australia’s advertising and marketing industry professionals don’t consider themselves glamorous or cool, aren’t particularly stressed and rarely take a long lunch, according to myth-busting research released by The Source, a new guide to Australian advertisers and creative agencies.

The research, which provides a snapshot of Australia’s multi-billion-dollar media, marketing and advertising industry, also found that 81% of respondents don’t feel they’ve put the GFC behind them – with more than half (52%) claiming we aren’t yet out of the GFC and a further 29% saying they weren’t sure the GFC was over.

Key findings:

  • Only 9% of respondents described their workplace as ‘glamorous’ and just 18% said their workplace is ‘cool’.

  • The majority said worklife was ‘fun’ (44%) and ‘creative’ (42%).

  • Less than a third (29%) of respondents claimed their workplace is ‘stressful’. Of those who said they were stressed, most (39%) work in the media industry.

  • Only a little more than half of professionals surveyed (52%) said they go out for a paid business lunch more than once a year; and fewer than 6% claimed to dine out for business once a week or more.

  • 68% of respondents said they worked on weekends or ‘sometimes’ worked on weekends. However, the majority of professionals (79%) worked nine hours or less on an average day.

  • Over a third (37%) of marketing and advertising professionals said they have been in a romantic relationship with someone in their industry.

Camille Alarcon, Publisher of Focal Attractions’ The Source, said: “For most people outside of adland, the perception of the media, marketing and advertising industry is driven by stereotypes portrayed by TV shows like Mad Men – the suave adman who swaggers in and out of the office between long, expensive lunches. The findings of this research lift the lid on a very different world. It’s fun, creative and less stressful than people imagine.

“The media and marketing industry isn’t all just hype and fluff – it’s full of committed professionals who want to explore their creativity in a dynamic and engaging environment. We hope that the insights from this research help shape a more accurate perception of what working in marketing is really like,” she said.

Ms Alarcon added that the Australian media, marketing and advertising professionals collectively control more than $13 billion* worth of spending power – which means their sentiment is a bellwether for the health of our broader economy.

“Our research reveals that many professionals considered the last year ‘business as usual’, yet the reality is marketing spend has been conservative for several years now with efforts being shifted toward retaining existing client relationships rather than innovation or expansion,” she said.

“This year appears to be no different, with competition for advertising dollars intensifying as media audiences continue to fragment. Business development tools such as comprehensive industry insights, information on advertising spend and brand movements are vital for any Australian company pursuing growth in the next twelve months.”


Total advertising spend, according to the Commercial Economic Advisory Service of Australia (CEASA). 

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About the research:  There were more than 480 respondents to the survey, which took place between January and February 2013. Respondents were from marketing, media, advertising, PR, events, experiential and digital professions, with 58% female and 42% male. Those surveyed were all employed at the time of participation, by either an agency, a media entity or within an organisation’s marketing or communications department. Professionals were from a diverse range of age groups and seniority levels, with the majority (41%) residing in NSW. Business owners and freelancers were also included in the Survey. Survey data was sourced and collected by Pure Profile research using a combination of Pure Profile and mUmBRELLA respondents. Launch Group undertook survey development and analysis.

About The Source: The Source is a business development tool for media sales, advertising and marketing professionals. It contains essential business and marketing information on the biggest-spending brands and leading creative and media agencies in Australia.

About Focal Attractions: The Source is published by Focal Attractions, owner of industry leading titles mUmBRELLA and Encore. Focal Attractions specialises in a range of media and marketing properties, including Mumbrella360CommsCon, the Mumbrella Awards, and the Festival of Branded Entertainment. Focal Attractions was named 2012 Publishers Australia Small Publisher of the Year; Mumbrella – Publishers Australia Website of the Year 2011 and 2012 and Mumbrella360 – Australian Event Awards Conference of the Year 2012.