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Golden oldies active on social media thanks to Aurora

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24 May

Golden oldies active on social media thanks to Aurora

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‘Jukebox Saturday Night’ experiences high consumer engagement with 55+


Sydney, 24 May, 2013: Australia’s leading not-for-profit STV community channel Aurora has successfully engaged the hard-to-reach 55+ demographic on social media through their ‘Jukebox Saturday Night’ (JBSN) show’s Facebook page.


The Facebook page is reaching high levels of activity, with an average of 299 engaged users per post in May and approximately 27% of the Facebook fans interact with the page during the week.


Aurora Marketing & Social Media Manager, Louise Lenihan, said that the huge levels of interest in the program’s social media channels was a result of Aurora’s targeted programming approach, whereby the channel focuses on catering to the under-represented sectors of the community.


“We identified a lack of quality content within Australian television that brought together the 55+ demographic, so we specifically sought out this program to help fill that gap,” she said. “The program became a huge success – it’s now consistently our highest rating program – and it made sense for the family to be extended off screen where fans could further interact with the show and each other.”


“Jukebox Saturday Night experiences an incredibly active social media following for this demographic, with fans posting, liking and commenting on the page whilst watching the show. It’s both exciting and rewarding to see an older demographic embrace Social TV, a concept usually reserved for younger generations.”


JBSN is exclusive to Aurora and is hosted by legendary radio disk jockey Ken Sparkes, covering music clips from the 50s, 60s and 70s.


With Sparkes’ in-depth knowledge of the music industry, he delivers insightful commentary in an inimitable style. As a member of the 55+ age group himself, he is someone that the audience can relate to and respect, as he was heavily entrenched in the music world at the time these clips were made. This enables him to use the element of nostalgia to draw the audience in, and keep them coming back week after week.


JBSN receives an average of approximately 1000 song requests per month through its website.





About Aurora: Aurora is committed to screening interesting, diverse and innovative content to encourage awareness and understanding of community issues and interests. All Australians have the unique opportunity to have their work broadcast on a national platform. Aurora Community Channel is a partner of Australian Made and is proudly supported by FOXTEL.


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