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Global expert Geno Church talks word-of-mouth at inaugural Influence Session

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23 Oct

Global expert Geno Church talks word-of-mouth at inaugural Influence Session

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Global expert Geno Church talks word-of-mouth at inaugural Influence Session


·      Word-of-mouth is responsible for up to half of all purchase decisions

·      Advertising only prompts a quarter of all conversations

Wednesday, 23 October, 2013: World-renowned word-of-mouth expert Geno Church today wowed media and advertising Influencers with his latest academic research around word-of-mouth marketing at Influence Sessions, the first in a new series of exclusive industry breakfast events hosted by The Influence Group.


Mr Church’s presentation, entitled “The Passion Conversation: Inspiring Your Staff and Supporters to Love Your Brand”, provided insight around how to spark and sustain word-of-mouth marketing, build a thriving community and ultimately impact the financial success of a business.


Geno said that there were three triggers that made people talk – functional, social and emotional – and that brands should embrace the emotional trigger as it is the number one trigger for offline conversations.


“90% of consumer conversations about brands and companies are still happening in the offline world[i], with over three-quarters happening face-to-face,” he said. “With more and more brands looking to build strong relationships with their community and successfully launch products to that community, it’s becoming increasingly important for brands to explore all of their marketing options, both off and online. Especially since 78% of conversations that people have about brands are not prompted by advertising.


“Brands must therefore embrace and encourage people talking in their private settings. The power of that conversation is invaluable as consumers want brands to see them as a family member or friend.”


With recent research revealing that word-of-mouth is responsible for up to 50% of all purchase decisions[ii], The Influence Group’s Howard Parry-Husbands said that the time for word-of-mouth is at its most critical.


“Geno Church is a true global expert, so it’s fantastic that Australian brand marketers have the opportunity to listen to him and get the latest insight into what can be achieved by harnessing influential word-of-mouth campaigns.”


The Influence Group provides an integrated consultancy exclusively focused on increasing knowledge and the application of influence through end-to-end solutions that support the product cycle from idea to launch.


Mr Church is the co-author of Brains on Fire: Igniting Powerful Sustainable, Word-of-Mouth Movements and the Passion Conversation.


For a full recount of Geno’s presentation head to the Influence Group blog here: theinfluencegroup.co/influencesessionwithgeno/


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