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ANZ Innovyz START graduates ten companies in Australias largest Demo Day

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7 Nov

ANZ Innovyz START graduates ten companies in Australias largest Demo Day

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Media Release

For Release: 4 November 2013


ANZ Innovyz START graduates ten companies in Australia’s largest Demo Day

– During the past 15 months, 60% of the companies graduating from this program have received nearly $2M in seed funding 


ANZ Innovyz START, one of Australia’s leading start-up accelerator programs led by renowned entrepreneurship expert Dr Jana Matthews, today presented its third round of graduates at what has become Australia’s largest Demo Day. Over 450 observers and investors gathered at Adelaide Town Hall to hear 10 start-up and growth ventures pitch their companies, after 13 weeks of intense mentoring and development.


The winter 2013 program includes six start-ups from Australia, Italy and the Ukraine, and four growth companies selected for ANZ Innovyz BRIDGE, a follow-on program for companies that graduated from START, have received investment or a large contract, and are ready to accelerate up the growth curve.

ANZ Innovyz START companies presenting today at the 2013 Winter program Demo Day are:


·       AEGLE Life (aeglelife.com) is helping shift the focus of healthcare from treatment to prevention/monitoring. Data is collected from wearable health sensors, devices and mobile apps. A mobile and cloud-based platform provides personalized wellness information, combined with scientific evidence and analytics, that enables individuals and health professionals to optimise health and wellness, change behaviour and live healthier lives. Perth


·       Broken Arms Games (brokenarmsgames.com) creates unique interactive experiences that engage individuals and enable companies to reach new customers. They are combining narration, music, animation and user interaction to create a new form of media that engages, entertains and educates customers and users. Italy


·       GoCatalyze (gocatalyze.com) is a social media and CRM campaign management tool which enables stakeholder interaction through CRM, outbound messages and social media monitoring. Brisbane


·       Insane Gorilla (insanegorilla.com) is building an online platform to connect gamers with developers. The company will offer online game testing, validation and additional services for developers and publishers, the two major players in the $66bn per year industry. Adelaide


·       Muvli (muvli.com) is an online, automated music video creation tool. Users upload an audio track and choose a theme and mood for their music video. Muvli’s technology then acts as an automated video editor, cutting film from its archives to match the music and producing a professional quality music video in minutes. Adelaide


·       Skwibl (skwibl.com): Skwibl is a visual collaboration platform that helps designers and clients work on projects together. It offers designers simple project management tools and gives clients the ability to provide interactive feedback in real time on images and videos. Ukraine

ANZ Innovyz BRIDGE companies presenting at the 2013 winter program Demo Day are:


·       Australian Baby Bargains (babybargains.com.au), is an online parenting community and pre-loved baby and children’s marketplace. The company raised $250,000 from several AU investors within six months of graduating ANZ Innovyz START (2012). The company has been growing and will soon launch MumCentral to provide an even broader array of services to parents. Adelaide


·       Kicktone (kicktone.com) makes it easy for bands to sell music to their fans, and for fans to share music with their friends. They’re like iTunes for independent music. Bands can upload their albums to the platform and have complete control over pricing and distribution. Fans can purchase music and engage with the bands they love. The company raised $80,000 from several local investors the day after Demo Day (April, 2013). Since launching on Oct. 1, more than 1,200 bands have joined. Adelaide


·       Singa (singa.com.au) developed a platform that provides a backtrack, enables people to video-record themselves singing, then share the video with others. Singa partnered with Total Girl magazine to develop the Total Girl Popstar Party app.  Released on Sept. 21, 2013, it has already had 56,000 downloads with 300,000 singing sessions in the first month.  On October 24, the Wiggles launched a “Sing with the Wiggles” iPad app by Singa, which had 3000 downloads and 21,300 singing sessions in the first five days. Adelaide


·       Memtell (memtell.com) captures people’s memories using photography and voice recording, and allows memories to be stored online, in the cloud, making them easily accessible for viewing. It is one of the first social networks in the world that has direct relevance to the age care and healthcare markets and uses storytelling to keep memories and legacy alive. The company raised $55,000 in convertible notes within three months of graduating (April, 2013). Melbourne


ANZ Innovyz START program director Dr Jana Matthews commented: “Over the past eighteen months we have demonstrated that we can identify break-through ideas, teach teams what they need to know to grow companies, and move them from start-up to growth in 13 weeks. Every one of the ten companies presenting today has huge potential. We’re proud to have played a role in the evolution of Australia’s start-up ecosystem and to have helped 26 exciting new companies accelerate up the growth curve.


“Our success is directly related to the quality and involvement of our mentors, the financial support of ANZ, our main sponsor, and the additional support provided by the South Australian government through DMITRE, and the Adelaide City Council.  We’re also grateful for the angel investors who have backed these entrepreneurs and their ideas and hope even more people will invest in these companies.” 


ANZ General Manager for Small Business, Nick Reade, said: “As we’ve seen at today’s Demo Day, the start-up market is made up of people that have a great idea and a burning ambition to make it work – all they need is a leg-up.


“As one of Australia’s biggest banks, we’re pleased to do our part to help foster growth of start-up businesses through the ANZ Innvoyz START and ANZ Innovyz BRIDGE program.


“In addition to our support of the program, in April this year, we pledged to lend $1 billion to new small businesses and I’m really pleased that we’ve already provided more than $750 million – so we’re well on our way to exceeding the $1 billion figure.”


South Australian Minister for Manufacturing, Innovation and Trade and Minister for Small Business Tom Kenyon said the ANZ Innovyz START programs play a fundamental role in encouraging innovation and giving entrepreneurs the tools to pull together the skills, contacts, capital and drive to turn a great idea into a business reality.


“The sharing of knowledge and ideas that ANZ Innovyz START encourages is integral for fostering innovation and developing partnerships that can see great ideas reach fruition,” Mr Kenyon said.


“Our Government is committed to helping foster innovation which is why we‘ve provided $600,000 over two years to fund this important program.


“I congratulate the graduating companies on their achievements so far and can’t wait to see these new ventures grow and create new opportunities and jobs for South Australians.”


Mr Kenyon said innovation is a key component of the State Government’s priority area of Growing Advanced Manufacturing.


The ANZ Innovyz START Summer 2014 Programme is accepting applications until November 25 from companies ready to accelerate up the growth curve. Learn more at: www.innovyzstart.com/the-program


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About ANZ Innovyz START

ANZ Innovyz START is a 13-week accelerator program, and provides a $20,000 stipend to teams of three who are selected to participate in the program. The Program Director works with each company to commercialise its break-through innovation. The program includes mentoring by successful entrepreneurs, learning programs around growing a company, identification of target markets, working and reworking the company’s plan, and a presentation to potential investors on the last day of the program. ANZ Innovyz START is one of 53 accelerators in the Global Accelerator Network. For more info: www.innovyzstart.com.


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