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Big TV Data gets BIGGER – MCN audience panel grown to 100,000 homes

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12 Dec

Big TV Data gets BIGGER – MCN audience panel grown to 100,000 homes

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Big TV Data gets BIGGER – MCN audience panel grown to 100,000 homes


Expanded panel offers advertisers deeper insights for Foxtel’s 7.1mil consumers


Thursday, 12 December 2013: Multi Channel Network (MCN)’s analytics division, Multiview, today announced that its audience panel has expanded to reach 100,000 homes, making it the largest TV panel in Australia.


For the past four years Multiview has operated with a panel of 10,000 homes. In March this year the division began up-sizing the server infrastructure, allowing the panel to increase to 100,000 homes.


The Multiview panel uses Foxtel’s set-top box to capture viewers’ programming interactions through return-path data. When crossed with detailed demographic, income, consumer behaviour and product usage data, Multiview can generate highly granular data across a broad range of powerful consumer segments.


Multiview Director Murray Love said the expanded panel will be invaluable to advertisers as they can now go beyond traditional age and gender demographics and precisely targets channels, communities, and programmes that are the best fit for specific lifestyle and purchasing segments.


“With 100,000 homes now connected, delivering insights from our 7.1 million brilliant consumers, we have a robustness of TV data that’s never been seen before in Australia,” he said. “The scale of our panel means advertisers can better link consumer groups with TV viewing, achieving media objectives and therefore driving business success.


“We look forward to expanding our Multiview offering even further in 2014 by delivering marketers even greater data granularity and more precise insights.”


In 2014, Multiview will create a true single source database and be able to match Multiview data with other data sets. This will include data from Foxtel’s tablet application, Foxtel Go.


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About Multi Channel Network (MCN): Established in 1997, MCN is a joint venture between FOXTEL and FOX SPORTS. MCN is responsible for the advertising interests of 62 national STV channel brands, 74 websites, 61 mobile sites, 40 apps and 3 IPTV services. In addition, MCN is the only media company to offer the complete range of advanced television advertising solutions via the remote control. MCN delivers optimum campaign results for clients by combining high value audiences with an unmatched choice of premium content. MCN specialises in creative solutions, which bring life to ideas and deliver clients a better advertising experience. In addition to being the third largest television network in Australia by commercial audience, MCN has Australia’s largest combined online and mobile network in Australia with a monthly online reach of 8.1m unique audiences and a monthly mobile audience of 4.7m. For more information: www.MCN.com.au