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Razor win CSR Monier media account

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Razor win CSR Monier media account

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Razor win CSR Monier


Friday, April 11, 2014: Australia’s leading independent media agency, Razor, today announced a new client to their growing portfolio, tiling and building company, CSR Monier Roofing.


Razor will be responsible for the company’s connection strategy and implementation across Australia. The team headed by, Business Manager Jamie Palmer, will assist the brand to reduce their reliance on paid media by leveraging owned and earned channels.


Monier is one of Australia’s most experienced, trusted and innovative companies with over 100 years’ experience in producing beautifully crafted roof tiles. They invest approximately $2million across offline and online channels.


Razor Group’s Executive Director, Martin Patton, said: “CSR Monier is one of Australia’s great, long lasting brands, which continue to grow and innovate. We’re really excited about reengineering how Monier go to market. Together, we’re creating new channel structures and commercial opportunities to engage both B2C and B2B markets.”


Monier’s Marketing Manager, Carlie Spiteri, said: “We’re moving into a new phase of business and evolving our consumer communications, so we were looking for a partner who could share this journey with us. We felt Razor quickly understood our business and could help move us forward. We were looking for a partner with the right expertise and we look forward to fostering a great relationship with Razor”.




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About Razor: Razor is the media brand within the full service Razor Group, which is independent, Australian-owned agency group. Founded in 2003, Razor Group specialises in working with brands on a mission to change, innovate and challenge category norms. Razor has worked with clients such as Colonial First State Global Asset Management, Sydney Opera House, Eftpos, Hachette, Mentos, 1300Home Loan, Paspaley, EMI, Navman, Fisherman’s Friend, Tabasco, Invisalign, Fit n Fast, Blanco Appliances, CSR Monier, The Biggest Loser and The Iconic. Razor has a presence in Sydney and Auckland. For more information: http://www.razor.net.au/