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Dr Katrina Warren launches Australia’s first online pet channel

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14 Apr

Dr Katrina Warren launches Australia’s first online pet channel

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New online community aims to educate and entertain animal lovers


Sydney, 10th April 2014 – Celebrity vet Dr. Katrina Warren today launched Australia’s first online pet channel in collaboration with Boom Video, Australia and New Zealand’s YouTube partner network


The new channel can be viewed on Dr. Katrina’s YouTube channels and will showcase new content created for the 63% of Australian households that own pets[1]. It is the first original Australian online channel to be produced by Boom Video, Australia’s leading online influencer network, and will simulcast three times a week on YouTube: www.youtube.com/drkatrina.


Boom will be assisting Dr. Katrina in the creation, production and content sharing for the new channel, which provides expert knowledge for pet owners and will also feature the famous Wonderdogs. The channel will see Dr. Katrina share her extensive knowledge and understanding of animals, to help people navigate the ins and outs of owning a pet.


New partners for the pet channel include KONG pet toys.


Dr. Katrina said that the new online format would allow her to reach out to far more people than a traditional TV show – and would help create a real Australian community for animal owners.


“There are over 33 million pets in Australia, but there is a real lack of resources focused on genuinely improving animal welfare by giving their owners the day-to-day advice they need,” she said. “The show will be a mix of useful tips, insight into the issues facing pets and their owners, and some entertaining videos featuring the Wonderdogs.


“The beauty of today’s online world is not only that there is free access to information right from your living room or backyard, but we can create a real community for pet owners and animal lovers across Australia. By tuning in, viewers will be able to learn the secrets to successfully training and caring for their pets. With love, patience and a few minutes a day people can enrich the bond they share with their own pet.”


Spiro Pissas, Commercial Director for Boom, said that the Dr Katrina Pet Channel was a watershed moment for online entertainment in Australia.


“We are thrilled to be collaborating with Dr. Katrina on what is a transformational media project. The Dr Katrina Pet Channel is being specially crafted to reach people across a number of social platforms, and with a serious lack of Australian online pet entertainment we believe it can ultimately transform the way the industry delivers information to pet owners.


“As online video continues to explode as a medium, especially for younger generations, we hope to deliver important information to viewers and we are looking forward to the journey with Dr. Katrina now setting the online world alight, as she has already done with TV.”


Every week Dr. Katrina will post three videos, including pet care advice, teaching tricks and providing training techniques that range from easy to advanced, in a way that viewers can use at home.


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About the Dr Katrina Pet Channel

Dr. Katrina Warren is a qualified veterinarian, author, event MC and dog trainer who has appeared across all media platforms. She is the resident veterinarian on the Today Show and has hosted a number of popular TV shows. Her first bestselling book Wonderdog starred Toby the border collie who was known and loved Australia-wide.


The Dr. Katrina Channel will feature three weekly episodes:


1.       Mondays will see Dr. Katrina answer viewer questions .

2.       Wednesdays she will do training and animal health stories.

3.       On Fridays Dr. Katrina will upload and share her funny video of the week.


The content will then be distributed across Boom’s digital multi-channel network and Dr Katrina’s online platforms:


·       YouTube: www.youtube.com/drkatrina

·       Twitter: www.twitter.com/drkatrinawarren

·       Facebook: www.facebook.com/drkatrinawarren

·       Instagram: www.instagram.com/drkatrina


About Boom Video and the Boom Natives

Boom Video is Australia and New Zealand’s first YouTube partner network, multi-channel network and online influencer talent agency. Formed in 2010, Boom was born from the evolving way that consumers are engaging with video content and the need for experts who could bridge the divide between advertisers and content creators. Boom Video supports brands and their agencies to seed content among digital influencers to get it seen, engaged with and shared.


In 2013 production studio Boom Natives was launched to connect brands and TV networks with talent, and to create original channels and content for online and social channels. Boom Video and Boom Natives’ network of online influencers reaches tens of millions of users, and incorporates Australia’s first YouTube partner network.  For more information: www.boomvideo.com.au