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The weirdest items left in a taxi

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3 Dec

The weirdest items left in a taxi

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Australia, 25 September, 2014: With the all too common feeling of losing a personal item in a cab, new research from taxi app and mobile payment provider ingogo revealed that Australians can leave behind very unusual belongings in taxis.


The findings showed that 20% of respondents have left an item behind in a cab, with 54% of those respondents reporting they had their belongings returned.


Lost items from the ingogo survey range from the ordinary and obvious to the slightly peculiar and the outright odd, including artificial limbs and musical instruments.


The findings show that belongings from all ages can be left in taxis, with numerous people leaving their false teeth behind to multiple respondents leaving their baby or child in a cab!


Top 10 Strangest Items

Left In Taxis

False teeth


Live animals, including a chicken and duck, a bird, a frog, a mouse and a dog

Blow up animals

STI test results


Cremation ashes


Confidential work files

Cooked crayfish

                                                                                                     Source: ingogo


The most common but perhaps more usual items range from wallets to laptops and shoes. Surprisingly, sex toys were also often left behind by taxi passengers.


Many people reported leaving money behind in a cab with the more sizeable amounts of cash ranging from $4,000 to someone leaving $10,000 behind.


Founder of ingogo Hamish Petrie said: “We were surprised by the results at how many unusual items Australians have left in taxis. There were some things you can only laugh at but also some rather disturbing items and things to be cautionary about. 


“It can be so easy to leave things behind when you’re jumping out of a taxi. It can be really frustrating, particularly if you lose your wallet or laptop. Thankfully with the emergence of booking apps like ingogo, there’s a record of your driver and passengers can seek assistance with recovering lost property.”


The research found that males were far more likely to leave things in a cab, with 28% of men reporting this compared to only 18% of women. 


People aged between 25-34 years old were in the main age bracket for losing things in taxis, with 33% of this demographic reporting this compared to only 18% of 18-24 year olds.


Ingogo has received more than 400 lost and found enquiries so far in 2014, with 90% of the items being recovered.




If you would like to cover this, the research must be sourced and credited to Australian taxi app ingogo.


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About ingogo:

ingogo is a mobile app which assists customers to easily hail and pay for taxis. It was founded by the successful team behind Moshtix. It allows passengers to communicate directly with registered taxi drivers in their local area, see when drivers are coming and where they are on a map, with the option to pay for rides using ingogo's safe in-taxi payment terminals or virtual mobile accounts. It currently operates in Sydney and Melbourne.


ingogo also provides a mobile payment platform for taxis to process payments. ingogo is extending its payment platform into other industries beyond taxis, for business owners and SMEs, in September 2014.




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