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DJ Decibel game makes STEM learning fun

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8 Dec

DJ Decibel game makes STEM learning fun

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DJ Decibel game makes STEM learning fun


Splash launches three mathematics-learning games


Australia 21 October 2014: Digital education site Splash has put a spin on maths and STEM education with today’s launch of DJ Decibel. Produced in association with Hackett Films, the latest interactive game to join the Splash portfolio is matched to the Year 8 mathematics curriculum, and is available via the Splash website or as a mobile app for Android or iOS.


As DJ Decibel keeps the music thumping, high school students solve problems to keep the fans jumping. Students can rig the show with very loud speakers, wrangle three-metre high robot dancers and fire lasers to explode fireworks from a flying DJ pod, learning about volume, spatial reasoning, problem solving, pi and the Cartesian plane in the process. As Problem-Solver-in-Chief at DJ Decibel Stadium F(x), all issues must be fixed in order to max-out fan numbers.


Today’s launch follows on from another STEM game launched by Splash this month; Choose your own Statistics, which was produced in partnership with the Australian Human Rights Commission. A third game, Mixed-Up Maths is scheduled for release in early November.


Choose your own Statistics enables Year 5 to 8 students to gain a better understanding of human rights issues via statistics. Students can customise and publish their own graphs, and all of the data is available for download to Excel to enable further exploration. Teachers will also find a wealth of information to support them in engaging their students as they introduce topics from the Geography, History, Civics and Citizenship, Economics and Business curriculums.


Mixed-Up Maths is a series of highly entertaining, wacky and fast-paced short videos created specifically for primary school children from the YouTube generation, using memorable visual storytelling to explore mathematical concepts from the Australian curriculum. This 13-episode series uses an exciting mix of hand-drawn animation, motion graphics and live action footage to transport students to a range of wild and exotic locations. The journeys students will be taken on include Daredevil Geometry, The Giraffe ate my Homework, Treasure Hunt, and Strawberry Warrior Milkshake Princess. The series is matched to the F-6 mathematics curriculum.


Director of ABC Innovation, the developers of Splash, Angela Clark, said: “STEM resources, and maths in particular, have been a core focus for Splash, so we’re pleased to see that the launch of these games coincides with the Government’s commitment to provide more funding and focus on STEM subjects in Australian schools.


“We know that teachers are keen to find engaging ways to teach these subjects, and what better way to do that than by giving them free interactive learning games that students love. Furthermore, we know that Australia’s long-term success in the digital economy will depend in large part on the education students receive in STEM subjects.”


The DJ Decibel and Choose your own Statistics games are available for free on the Splash digital education website, with Mixed-Up Maths available early next month: http://splash.abc.net.au  






About ABC Splash!

Launched in March 2013, Splash is a ground-breaking free education website which helps students, teachers and parents embrace online and digital learning. It was developed by ABC Innovation in conjunction with Education Services Australia, supported by the Department of Broadband, Communications and the Department of Education. It is one of the largest digital projects ever undertaken by the ABC and delivers world-class interactive educational resources for primary and secondary school students, their teachers and parents. 


About ABC Innovation:

ABC Splash is a department of ABC Innovation which manages the ABC website abc.net.au and core mobile offerings including the ABC iPhone, iPad and Android apps. ABC Innovation also creates digital media content and services for online, mobile and emerging platforms.


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