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Rescue Swag founder Tracey Beikoff exits Shark Tank with more than swagger

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Rescue Swag founder Tracey Beikoff exits Shark Tank with more than swagger

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Brisbane, 9 March 2014 –The founder of the innovative first-aid kit the Rescue Swag has struck a $220, 000 deal with Steve Baxter, following a lively and highly interactive pitch on Shark Tank, which aired on TEN last night. 


Created by Tracey Beikoff in 2012 following a minor accident while she was out horse riding and realised she didn’t have the required first-aid kit handy, Rescue Swag is a comprehensive first-aid kit which doubles as a sling, a splint, a compression device and a water carrier: Its proportion and design gives it ultimate portability, allowing it to be effortlessly attached to all transportation devices.


Tracey Beikoff, Founder and CEO of the Original Rescue Swag company, commented: “I’m over the moon that Steve chose to put his money into Rescue Swag. This is more than a business to me, it’s about saving lives and preventing serious injury.


“Being a lover of horse riding and a bushwalking and camping fanatic, I was looking for a practical first-aid kit that had everything you need for the Aussie outback without being a nuisance to carry around. I couldn’t find anything that met what I wanted, so I created one instead.”


On last night’s episode of Shark Tank, Tracey accepted an offer from Mr Baxter of $100,000 for 40% of the company and a $120,000 loan repaid with a $10 royalty on all products sold.


Steve Baxter, Internet pioneer and startup investor, said that the product and its international appeal made the Rescue Swag a sound bet for him.


“It’s not often a product blows me away, but I am really excited about the Rescue Swag. Tracey has created an authentically Aussie product that is a necessity for any sort of great outdoors adventure. As an ex-serviceman, a fisherman and a pilot, I can see a million and one situations where Rescue Swag could make a real difference,” he said.


“Ultimately, Tracey won me over with her pitch because she handled herself in a way that demonstrated her command of the business and showed she had a strong drive to succeed.”


The Rescue Swag is not just a comprehensive set of first-aid tools wrapped up in a compact and easy-to-carry form but it is also a high-tech device, with space for a personal locating beacon, linked to rescue satellite networks. Its newest app feature allows users to take their mobile phones and scan codes displayed on the first-aid kit in order to see photographic instruction on how to treat injuries they may have sustained.


Mr Baxter added: “I wasn’t completely sold on the mobile phone feat until Tracey informed me you don’t actually need a sim card or mobile phone coverage to make use of it. Because the content is stored on the SD card in the phone this content is accessible at all times, making it simply ingenious.”


The investment will allow the Original Rescue Swag to grow its manufacturing base and ramp up marketing activities to take the brand to new markets.


To check out the new and improved Rescue Swag head to: http://www.rescueswag.com.au


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About The Rescue Swag

The Rescue Swag is a comprehensive first-aid kit that is both conveniently durable and portable for lovers of the great outdoors. The Rescue Swag has a number of resourceful components including its sling, splint, compression and water bag features, and contains 129 pieces of first aid material, suitable for major and minor injuries. The latest product in the Original Rescue Swag line has been coded for full functionality with the Rescue Swag 1.0 App.


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