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Seamless bag check for Sydney Airport T1 as pilot project made permanent

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17 Jul

Seamless bag check for Sydney Airport T1 as pilot project made permanent

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Sydney, 11 February: Global leader in airport baggage technology, ICM Airport Technics, today announced that Sydney Airport has purchased the Auto Bag Drop units currently installed in the T1 International Terminal following a successful 12-month trial.


The pilot project, which took place in Australia’s busiest international airport terminal, servicing around 13 million travellers annually, saw four Auto Bag Drop units process more than 125,000 bags. These self-service baggage check-in units will now be placed into permanent service, helping to bring a fast and seamless check-in experience for QANTAS customers flying on international flights.


The customisable ICM Auto Bag Drop self-service units are already in operation across Australia for domestic flights, and have helped cut check-in times and clear up crowded terminals across the country, as well as in leading international airports such as London’s Heathrow airport.


They integrate cutting-edge scanning technology with ergonomically friendly design, and ‘plug’ directly into existing airport baggage handling infrastructure. They also ensure real time security and safety, with 24 hour monitoring provided by ICM’s support team. 


Richard Dinkelmann, Managing Director of ICM Airport Technics, commented: “We are delighted that Sydney Airport has made the decision to purchase our Auto Bag Drop Units for the T1 International Terminal following a very successful pilot.”


“These market leading self-service bag drop units not only deliver notable benefits to both airports and airlines, but they present passengers with a simpler and faster service for checking in their bags – it is very rewarding for us to see that Sydney Airport has experienced first-hand such improvements. This is another key milestone for bringing the Australian-developed Auto Bag Drop experience to international travel across the world.”




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About ICM Airport Technics

ICM Airport Technics is a global leader in airport baggage technology, and inventor of the self-service Auto Bag Drop units used by the world’s best airport terminals. Headquartered in Sydney, Australia with offices in the UK, Germany, and Singapore, ICM Airport Technics uses cutting-edge innovation to help airlines and airports enhance the traveller check-in experience, while helping airports and airlines improve their efficiency. ICM Airport Technics currently operates over 100 Auto Bag Drop  units in over 14 airport terminals across the world, and processes more than 6 million bags a year.


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