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The ultimate solution for international students

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The ultimate solution for international students

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Cohort Solutions launches CohortSIM a convenient and reliable SIM plan powered by Optus


Brisbane, 8 April 2015 – Leading edu-tech startup, Cohort Solutions, today launched a new product for international students planning to live abroad in Australia for their studies: CohortSIM.


Powered by Optus, CohortSIM is specifically designed to maximize time efficiency for international students by allowing them to purchase and activate their SIM card before they leave their home country – so that it is ready to use as soon as they arrive in Oz.


Also aimed at reducing the cost of living for students, the SIM plan operates under a strict “only pay for what you use” policy – starting at $1/day, students can use their mobile phones to make a call, send an SMS/MMS and/or access their internet data, but will not be charged for the days they are too busy to call, text or surf the net.  


Mark Fletcher, CEO of Cohort Solutions, said he was thrilled that Optus had jumped on board in support of one of Cohort’s founding missions, which is to help thousands of international students lower the cost of their Higher Education experience while living down under.    


“Optus has successfully accommodated our overall goal to reduce international students’ living expenses with this outstanding SIM Plan – there is currently not a better value SIM on the market. International students will not only be attracted to the plan’s affordability but will love its flexibility and the automatic upgrades offered at minimal cost.


“One of the stand-out features of the CohortSIM Plan is that it suits the full-time study load of students’ perfectly. If students find themselves not having enough time in the day to scratch their head let alone use their mobile phone, unlike with contracts, they simply won’t be charged for it. And at the other side of the spectrum, if they are having a well-deserved break at the uni bar one day, they can make unlimited calls and send unlimited texts to their uni mates for just $1.50.”







John Bailey, National Business Manager at Optus Pre-Paid Services, commented: “It’s great to be working alongside Cohort Solutions to deliver the Cohort Sim Plan to international students travelling to Australia for educational purposes. Moving countries is hard enough as is without the burden of having to go out and find a suitable and affordable phone plan when you get there. It’s such a peace of mind to know you’ve already got it all sorted before arriving! Plus, with Cohort Sim it’s guaranteed you won’t be paying off exorbitant mobile phone bills – so we are really happy to have joined forces with Cohort to make international students’ lives that little bit easier.”


For more information on the Cohort Sim Plan visit: https://cohortsim.com/en


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About Cohort Solutions

Cohort Solution’s innovative vision is to reduce the cost of international education by decreasing the cost of tuition for international students; and to provide value-enhancing products for service providers in the international education industry. Cohort Solutions currently services customers in 135 countries worldwide. For more information: http://cohortsolutions.com

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