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Eat healthy in the workplace with reality star Ash Pollard

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18 Aug

Eat healthy in the workplace with reality star Ash Pollard

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Eat healthy in the workplace with reality star Ash Pollard

Melbourne, 4 August 2015: This year’s My Kitchen Rules (MKR) star and current Dancing With the Stars contestant, Ash Pollard, will be instilling healthy workplace eating habits into Melburnian professionals at Regus’ inaugural Workplace Wellness event on Wednesday, August 5.

Hosted by Regus, the flexible workplace provider, reality star Pollard will demonstrate a variety of quick healthy lunch fixes using grab-and-go ingredients. Guests of Regus will have the opportunity to watch, learn and then taste the prepared dishes during their lunch break.

Recent Regus research revealed that unhealthy eating habits and a lack of exercise are the leading causes of workplace stress for Melburnians, with 19 per cent of local respondents placing these factors above understaffing (17 per cent) and technology issues (16 per cent).

The survey revealed that, as a whole, Melburnian respondents are more than twice as stressed compared to five years ago (53 per cent) – a significant and concerning jump.

Market Director of Victoria, South Australia and Western Australia, Georgia Mitchell, said: “We are continuing to see overwhelming evidence that stress levels are mounting due to a combination of factors including poor dietary regimes and not having adequate time to exercise and recalibrate. 

“We’re thrilled to invite our Regus customers to spend their lunch break with Ash, where we’re sure her tips and tricks will help our guests adopt healthy workplace eating habits, and also show how this can have a significant impact on workplace health and happiness,” said Mitchell.

Pollard hopes to spread the message of healthy eating in the workplace and highlight the long-term benefits it can have on people’s overall health and wellbeing.

“You must give your body the respect it deserves, after all, it’s going to carry you a long way in life. Fuel it with all the ingredients it needs to survive those long days at work by eating smart, healthy choices that will help elevate your mood, self-esteem and energy, which in turn will reduce anxiety and stress,” Pollard said.


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Regus is the global workplace provider.

Its network of more than 2,000 business centres in 104 countries provides convenient, high-quality, fully serviced spaces for people to work, whether for a few minutes or a few years. Companies like Google, Toshiba and GlaxoSmithKline choose Regus so that they can work flexibly and make their businesses more successful.

The key to flexible working is convenience and so Regus is opening wherever its 1.8 million members want support – city centres, suburban districts, shopping centres and retail outlets, railway stations, motorway service stations and even community centres.

Founded in Brussels, Belgium, in 1989, Regus is based in Luxembourg and listed on the London Stock Exchange. For more information, please visit: www.regus.com.au

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