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StartupAUS Welcomes Appointment of the Hon Malcolm Turnbull MP as Prime Minister

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17 Sep

StartupAUS Welcomes Appointment of the Hon Malcolm Turnbull MP as Prime Minister

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15 September 2015: StartupAUS, the not-for-profit organisation looking to transform Australia through promoting technology entrepreneurship, today congratulated the Hon Malcolm Turnbull MP on his appointment as Prime Minister of Australia.


CEO of StartupAUS, Peter Bradd said StartupAUS looks forward to continuing the strong working relationship it has established with Mr Turnbull.


“Mr Turnbull’s business acumen along with his knowledge of and well known support for the Australian technology sector will provide him with unique insights into the barriers facing Australian startups, particularly in terms of accessing venture capital and talent.


“As Australia enters a new era of growth, technology based startups have the potential to transform the economy and create the jobs of the future,” Mr Bradd said. “In the next two decades, startups have the potential to contribute up to $US109 billion in growth to the economy, and create 540,000 new jobs.


“StartupAUS is committed to continuing its work with Government to boost Australia’s prosperity and modernise its economy through a well supported and thriving tech startup ecosystem.


“This is a critical time for Australian startups.  There is so much to be gained if we can grow this important part of our business community.  But we must act swiftly and decisively in this area and we need the support of our Federal Government to lead a unified, centralised approach to building this ecosystem.  We believe Mr Turnbull has the vision and conviction to do this effectively and we very much look forward to working with the Prime Minister and his Cabinet to ‘seize the day’ in support of Australia’s many startups,” Mr Bradd said.




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StartupAUS is a not-for-profit entity with a mission to transform Australia through technology entrepreneurship. StartupAUS believes a strong home-grown tech sector is vital to future Australian jobs and wealth. But getting there will require a national imperative to create the right environment, with a supportive culture and more entrepreneurs with the right skills.

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