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StartupAUS Welcomes new Cabinet Appointments as a boon for Australia’s startup ecosystem

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StartupAUS Welcomes new Cabinet Appointments as a boon for Australia’s startup ecosystem

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21 September 2015: StartupAUS, Australia’s national peak advocacy group with a mission to transform Australia through technology entrepreneurship, today acknowledged Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull’s new business leadership as a strong and credentialed team well placed to support the growth of Australia’s startup ecosystem.


CEO of StartupAUS, Peter Bradd said Prime Minister Turnbull has clearly recognised the future drivers for Australia’s economic growth and the younger and more diverse front bench highlights this emphasis.


“With Malcolm Turnbull as Prime Minister, Christopher Pyne as Minister for Industry, Innovation and Science Minister, Wyatt Roy as Assistant Minister for Innovation and Mitch Fifield as Minister Assisting the Prime Minister for Digital Government, there is a passionate and experienced team in place to deliver on Turnbull’s opening promises around innovation and our future economy. 


“This is a leadership team that has already demonstrated they understand the key drivers of the startup ecosystem and its role in shaping our future economy.  A recent report by PwC predicted technology based startups are worth over $US109 billion and have the potential to create 540,000 jobs by 2033. This is critical in the face of the recent Committee for Economic Development of Australia (CEDA) report, which predicted that in the next decade, 40 per cent of Australian jobs could be replaced by automation. 


“It’s reassuring to see technology entrepreneurship and innovation move into its rightful place as one of the most important agenda’s for this government. The announcement of a coordinated approach to bring together innovation initiatives right across government will enable Australia to take advantage of these new growth opportunities and ensure Australia’s place as a first world economy.”


StartupAUS released a credible, action-oriented plan called Crossroads that set out structured world-class programs to help ensure Australia gets to where we need to be. This document was critical in shifting the political debate around policy settings to stimulate start-up activity.


Mr Bradd highlighted the new cabinet member’s recent achievements in the digital technologies area.   


“Last week, one of Christopher Pyne’s last duties as Minister for education was endorsing the Digital Technologies Curriculum and encouraging the Education Council to get more students studying science, technology, engineering and mathematics. This was an incredibly important move in ensuring our skill set is competitive in Australia, and offers a huge advantage to current students and future graduates.


“Minister Wyatt Roy has spent an incredible amount of time educating and inspiring our federal government and the Australian public on embracing technology entrepreneurship as a pathway to future growth. He has sat in many meetings with StartupAUS and other ministers assisting to explain the recommendations of policy and the benefit back to the Australian economy.


“StartupAUS recently held a round table with most of the ASX 20, whom account for nearly 50 per cent of the ASX market capitalisation. They unanimously voiced the importance of an innovative economy of the future if Australia is going to have any chance at competing with nimble international players.


“Our overseas counterparts are rapidly disrupting whole industries. Therefore supporting tech startups is about supporting industry and providing them with an environment whereby they can thrive and compete in the current fast paced innovative climate where distance is no longer a defense.” Mr Bradd said.




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