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Halfbrick Studios Taps OtherLevels To Deliver Personal Communication With Customers

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11 Feb

Halfbrick Studios Taps OtherLevels To Deliver Personal Communication With Customers

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Brisbane, February 9 – OtherLevels, the mobile marketing automation specialist, has deepened its relationship with Australian mobile game behemoth, Halfbrick Studios, to enhance the quality and depth of communications that Halfbrick has with its customers.


Now providing more than a SaaS platform to Halfbrick, OtherLevels is also providing its FastStart services and consultancy to the company to deliver marketing best practices, and applying the knowledge and leadership that is has built up from working with in markets including the US, UK and Australia.


“We began offering FastStart managed services because we recognised that it is becoming essential for a business’ competitive advantage to understand who its customers are, and how to maximise engagement with them.” OtherLevels Managing Director, Brendan O’Kane, said. “Our clients in the gaming space, especially, are finding it increasingly important to have one-to-one conversations with their players, because expanding and extending existing player relationships increase life time value (LTV) and is more cost effective than acquiring new players.”


In ramping up an already-successful partnership, Halfbrick has implemented OtherLevels’ FastStart Strategic Marketing program, a 12-week analysis program which involves OtherLevels technicians and data experts working closely with the Halfbrick team to develop an optimal messaging strategy that will personalise the communications that the company has with its millions of active users.


“The mobile gaming market is becoming more saturated, and maintaining relationships with players on a one-to-one level is a critical part of our marketing strategy to continue to be visible and prominent in the space,” says Halfbrick CEO, Shainiel Deo. “OtherLevels has been the technology underpinning our mobile communications with our customers for three years now, but the innovations that it is bringing to the mobile space is giving us deeper insights into how our players interact with us and our games.”


Halfbrick Studios is one of the largest mobile game developers/ publishers in the world. With a hit library of titles including Fruit Ninja, Jetpack Joyride, Bears Vs. Art and Star Skater, the company has over three million active players each day.


In the mobile games space, consumers now expect games to be free-to-play, with the ability to purchases bonuses in-app or in-application advertising being the way source of revenue for the developer. For this business strategy to work, encouraging players to continue to come back to play the game frequently is the key to its success.


“OtherLevels has the proven ability to help enterprises and publishers do this by being able to help them understand who their users or players are, and then use that data to tailor content and messaging to suit the individual,” O’Kane said.


Through the OtherLevels platform, game companies such as Halfbrick have seen a 34 per cent increase in highly active users through effective messaging to them, and a further 100 per cent increase in revenue associated with messaging campaigns through retargeting.


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