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Aussie e-Commerce solution partners with Australia Post to help businesses sell globally

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18 Feb

Aussie e-Commerce solution partners with Australia Post to help businesses sell globally

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Brisbane, 16 February 2016: End-to-end e-Commerce solution provider, Neto, today announced a partnership with Australia Post, to help Australian businesses sell online and compete globally. The alliance offers Australia Post customers a scalable, all-in-one solution to integrate sales channels, orders, payments, customer information and accounting with Australia Post delivery services. 


Importantly, for Australia Post customers, Neto simplifies the freight-sending process by enabling them to pick, pack then print their Australia Post shipping labels with a click of the mouse.


Ryan Murtagh, Founder and CEO of Neto, has focused his energy on developing the Neto platform, which is praised by many for its smart and direct integrations. 


“Operating several online stores and struggling to scale my own ecommerce business effectively with the tools available to me, I decided to solve the problem through innovation,” said Mr Murtagh. 


“Using Neto as a basis for people to sell their products online, we have partnered with a number of accounting, point of sales, inventory management and marketing platforms, as well as key shipping providers such as Australia Post – enabling businesses to fulfill their orders efficiency.


“Working closely with Australia Post allows us to not only efficiently fill local orders, but also those from its global customer base. We have allowed Australian businesses to not only efficiently fulfill orders locally, but worldwide.” 


Ben Franzi, General Manager eCommerce Platforms and Digital at Australia Post, said the digital world is providing unprecedented opportunities for Australian businesses to compete and succeed on a global scale. 


“Australia Post is partnering with the world’s leading ecommerce providers to make it easier for our business customers to get online to manage, track and dispatch their orders securely and simply.


“Our new partnership with Neto empowers businesses to manage their ecommerce and operational needs directly, offering a smarter, seamless way to send parcels with us,” Mr Franzi said.


With Neto majority-owned by Telstra, the Neto-Australia Post partnership essentially combines the ecommerce efforts of two iconic Australian brands to back Australian businesses with a user-friendly approach to label creation, rate access and better visibility of their parcels.


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