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Amazon Australia: Already In Demand, Especially For The Younger Generations

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12 Jul

Amazon Australia: Already In Demand, Especially For The Younger Generations

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Amazon Australia: Already In Demand, 
Especially For The Younger Generations

While almost 50% of Australians overall remain unsure about whether they will use Amazon Australia, 

60% of those aged 18-24 years are already sold on the US retail giant


6 July 2017 – Amazon can expect a generally warm reception from Australians when it launches locally later this year according to new research by global data and insights company Pureprofile.

The new national survey data reveals that many Australians from all demographics already use Amazon for buying eBooks or goods from overseas. However, the jump in numbers of Australians that plan on using Amazon once it has a direct presence in Australia is substantial – particularly among the younger generations – and will put additional pressure on incumbent retailers. 

According to the survey of a representative sample of over 1000 Australians, currently, 24% of Australians have shopped at Amazon’s Australian online store for eBooks. Similarly, 24% have made purchases from Amazon’s overseas websites – such as the US and UK.

The interest in Amazon is being principally driven by people in the 25-34 age demographic, of which 32% of users have shopped on Amazon online, and 25% of users have bought from Amazon offshore.  Of those in the 35-44 age demographic, 21% and 28%, respectively have made similar purchases.

However, significantly more – 46% – of Australians are planning to use Amazon once it launches locally, and unsurprisingly it’s the younger generations that will drive that demand. The survey found 60% of people 18-24, 61% of the 25-34 age demographic, and 51% of the 35-44 age demographic reported an intention to make use of Amazon Australia.

“Amazon has a powerful brand presence amongst Australians despite its focus being primarily within international markets until recently,” said Pureprofile Founder & CEO Paul Chan. “If you look at the statistics, only six per cent of Australian consumers are unaware that Amazon is moving into the local market. This suggests that the brand is already strong and well-known here in Australia”.

“Overall, there remains a fair amount of uncertainty over whether Amazon in Australia will be the way that Australians ultimately want to do their shopping – 48% of respondents said that they were currently ‘unsure’ about whether they would shop at Amazon Australia.  However, this number shrinks dramatically with younger people with only 16% of Australians 18-24 years sharing that same uncertainty.

“Today’s consumer has access to an incredible amount of data that enables them to make retail decisions based on self-research. Ten years ago, a consumer would rely upon advertisements, sales people or word of mouth. The Amazon model empowers consumers to use the power of their personal profiles to offer reviews and create a marketplace of collective intelligence that helps making retail decisions simpler and more efficient,” said Mr Chan. 

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