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4 Sep

What Dads Want: Father’s Day brunch, but no toiletries please

by launch-admin Sep 4, 2017 0 News
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Media Release

What Dads Want: Father’s Day brunch, but no toiletries please 

As Father’s Day approaches, new research reveals dads prefer personal acknowledgements to toiletries, socks & jocks

Australia, 1 September 2017 – This Father’s Day, dads can expect a gift voucher from their daughters … and a hug from their sons, according to new research by global data and insights company Pureprofile.

Luckily for the sons, the majority of fathers (34%) who responded to the survey said they would prefer spending time with the family or a personal acknowledgement to any presents.

The new data, taken from a nationally representative sample of more than 1,063 Australians, revealed dads’ most loathed gifts (toiletries) and most loved gifts (a meal in or out). But overall, most fathers (51%) say they are always happy with their gifts, no matter what – with 17% saying their most disappointing experience is being forgotten and receiving no gift or acknowledgement on the day.

The survey also highlighted the gender differences in selecting the right gift for dad. The top three gifts planned from daughters this year were: gift voucher (25%); clothing (21%); and no present, just a hug or other personal acknowledgement (14%). Sons opted for: no present, just a hug or other personal acknowledgement (25%); clothing (16%); and a gift voucher (15%).

Interestingly, approximately 13% of respondents aged under 39 are planning to treat dad to a new gadget this year, compared to only 5% of those aged over 40, perhaps reflecting the younger generation projecting their own gift preferences onto their parents.

Pureprofile Managing Director, Kelvin Kirk said: “While modern technology is significantly impacting our lives and lifestyle choices, traditional values still reign supreme in family dynamics, with most fathers valuing spending time with family above all else.”

Age also played a part in Dad’s preferences: younger fathers (44 and under) tend to desire clothing, food, and handmade gifts — while those aged 45 and over leaned toward books, hardware and tools.

“It’s interesting to see how fathers of different generations place value on gifts. Almost half of dads aged 18-24 value a handmade gift above any other, compared to an average of 24 per cent for all older fathers. Gift vouchers seemed to be favoured much more by fathers aged over 40 than their younger counterparts, and almost no dads aged over 55 desired clothing or food as their annual gift,” continued Mr Kirk.

For those who are considering a last-minute shop, here are dad’s top 5 likes, dislikes … and the top 5 planned presents: 

Dad loves:

(1)   Spending time with the family or a personal acknowledgement (34%)

(2)   A home cooked meal or meal out (27%)

(3)   A handmade gift (23%)

(4)   Gift vouchers (22%)

(5)   Alcohol (14%) 

Dad loathes:

(1)   Being forgotten, no gift and/or no acknowledgement (17%)

(2)   Toiletries (11%)

(3)   Clothing – including socks, underwear, shirts, trousers (10%)

(4)   Alcohol (7%)

(5)   Just a hug or other personal acknowledgement (7%) 

What children are planning to give this year:

(1)   A gift voucher (20%)

(2)   No presents: just a hug or other personal acknowledgement (19%)

(3)   Clothing – including socks, underwear, shirts, trousers (18%)

(4)   Alcohol (13%)

(5)   New gadgets (11%)

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