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Leading finance experts unite to tackle financial literacy for women

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3 Jan

Leading finance experts unite to tackle financial literacy for women

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Female entrepreneurs to prosper through Acceler8 partnership with myprosperity 

Leading financial experts unite with a commitment to boost financial literacy for women 

Australia, 20 November 2017: Australia’s leading cloud-based personal wealth platform, myprosperity has partnered with social enterprise Acceler8 to help female entrepreneurs create a sustainable wealth building program.

The partnership brings together two finance industry experts – awardwinning serial entrepreneur Tanya Titman, who founded Acceler8 based on her 20+ years’ experience mentoring SMEs, and Chris Ridd, former managing director of cloud accounting software Xero, who was recently appointed CEO at myprosperity.

Acceler8 focuses on helping female entrepreneurs to improve their financial literacy and scale their businesses. Titman founded social enterprise Acceler8 as a passion project to educate, inspire and empower women to grow and scale their businesses. To date, Acceler8 has helped hundreds of women achieve their business goals – promising participants a minimum 30 percent lift in profit over the 12-month program.

myprosperity is a one-stop-shop for managing personal wealth, unifying all assets – from property, superannuation and businesses, to personal cashflow, daily expenses and liabilities – providing full visibility over current, independent financial status. 

For Titman, who is also the founder of award-winning SME-focused accounting practice Consolid8, the collaboration provides a critical tool for women to streamline their personal and business finances.

“It’s important that women work on improving their financial literacy, which is often the key factor keeping their SMEs from reaching full potential. Technology is critical to efficient, profitable SME performance and we want to give female entrepreneurs access to the best of breed Australian technology. myprosperity is innovative software with a specific focus on financial and cashflow management, which gives SME owners access to comprehensive financial data. By pulling together data around all their assets, myprosperity reveals the independent net worth of these highly motivated women, unlocking even more potential for them,” said Ms. Titman.

While financial literacy for women has become a high priority for sectors ranging from banking to government, there is still room for growth, particularly when planning for retirement. A 2017 study by The American College of Financial Services, Americas largest nonprofit educational institution devoted to financial services, surveyed an equal percentage of men and women and found that only 20 per cent of women identified as the primary financial decision maker compared to 65 per cent of men.

Chris Ridd, CEO at myprosperity said: “This partnership is an opportunity to support a vitally important program that is inspiring more female entrepreneurs to be confident about their financial acumen. Cloud accounting revolutionised finance for businesses but we’ve yet to see a similar paradigm shift in personal finance, and that’s our aim.”

The partnership will provide Acceler8’s entrepreneurs with a year’s Pro subscription, where participants can use features of the Pro wealth user plan such as monthly updates for online home and motor vehicle valuations, balance sheet/net worth, ASX shares feed and a comprehensive wealth report. The access to Pro saves business owners hundreds of dollars a year, as well as identifying new wealth opportunities for them.

We are incorporating myprosperity into the program for our new intake of female business leaders and see it as another step for them to make strategic and informed business decisions,” added Ms. Titman.

For more information visit: http://acceler8program.com.au


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About Acceler8 Academy:

Acceler8 Academy is for women who want to improve their financial literacy and accelerate their business growth. The 12-month program is designed exclusively for women in business. Delivered by Tanya Titman and her team of specialists, the program is guaranteed to deliver a 30 per cent improvement in your profits over the 12 months, with a mission to ensure women have more money, more time and less stress in their life. For more information: http://acceler8program.com.au 

About myprosperity:

myprosperity is a cloud-based, personal wealth platform that makes it easy for accountants and advisers to help their clients get their financial world – sorted. Available on desktop and as a mobile app, myprosperity is a white-label wealth portal that boasts live data feeds and digital doc signing, as well as budgeting, cashflow and goal setting tools for an integrated all-in-one approach to personal finance. Founded in 2011, the company is now the leading personal wealth platform in Australia, with over 400 adviser partners and 17,000 end users. For more information: http://www.myprosperity.com.au

About Tanya Titman:

Tanya Titman is a passionate advocate for empowering female business owners with theknowledge of the numbersand using this information to create high growth, sustainable business models. Her focus is on providingreal worldadvice and her experience comes from being involved in many successful businesses over the last 20 years.

With a focus on innovation and technology, Tanya is the founder of accountancy firm Consolid8 and assists many businesses in their transition to the cloud. Consolid8 was awarded as a finalist in the 2012 Telstra Business Awards and is widely recognised for its innovation in providing benchmarking and accounting solutions for franchisees.

As a mother of 4 young children, Tanya is passionate about empowering women in business through her Acceler8 Academy. Through this program, Tanya has witnessed the power that numbers can have in changing womens lives for the better. For more information: http://acceler8program.com.au/team/