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Pureprofile announces agreement with global micro-investment app, Acorns

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3 Apr

Pureprofile announces agreement with global micro-investment app, Acorns

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Pureprofile announces agreement with global micro-investment app, Acorns


Acorn’s 240,000 users can top-up funds by monetising their personal profiles

Australia, 3 April 2018 – Mobile-first investment platform Acorns has united with global media and technology company Pureprofile for an innovative partnership that will give its 240,000 users an additional revenue stream by monetising the power of their personal profile.

From today, Pureprofile users will be able to redeem their cash earned from completing questions and surveys into an Acorns investment account. Later this year, Acorns users will be able to boost their investments by participating in Pureprofile surveys of their choice – getting their cash rewards directly deposited into their Acorns investment account.

Micro-investment app Acorns began Australian operations in February 2016. Users automatically invest spare change from everyday purchases, which Acorns’ technology invests into a diversified portfolio to help grow their funds. Pureprofile, an online profile marketing and insights technology business, prides itself on linking brands with engaged customers and shifting the paradigm from irrelevant marketing to a two-way, win-win conversation between brands and customers.

Pureprofile Chief Executive Officer, Nic Jones said: “Today’s consumer holds the bargaining power as reliable data becomes more and more critical for customer engagement and retention. Data is the new currency, and consumers are leveraging this to their advantage in a ME2B marketplace, which is also known as the Personal Information Economy.

“Due to issues that can arise around privacy of personal data, like the current Facebook scandal, our aim is to give the power back to consumers with a strictly opt-in criteria so they can retain ownership over their data and choose which brands they want to engage with. We’re excited to announce our partnership with Acorns to enable more consumers to discover what their personal data is worth – all the while connecting brands with new potential customers who are actually interested in hearing from them.”

This partnership will allow brands to easily access and engage with Millennials – who form a large number of Acorns key user base. Finding out their opinions will allow brands to gather insights into this increasingly important segment.

Privacy is at the top of the agenda in the partnership, which ensures consumers are not identified. Each membership is strictly opt-in where consumers will own their data and decide who can access it.

Acorns Australia’s Founder and CEO, George Lucas said:  “We are excited to partner with Pureprofile and give our members the option to invest their rewards back into their Acorns account and also be given the opportunity to assist in providing valuable insights into mobile segment-based transactions. The opt-in mechanism is important to us to ensure users have complete control over their data profiles.”

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About Pureprofile (ASX: PPL)
Pureprofile Limited (ASX: PPL) connects brands with empowered consumers across the world by finding, understanding and engaging them through direct-to-consumer technology platforms. The Pureprofile group is now a global leader in media and technology and delivers next generation marketing solutions for more than 700 brands, publishers and research groups worldwide.

About Acorns
The Acorns app allows users to invest their small change into the stock market, building up a diversified portfolio and gaining financial freedom. Acorns was recently awarded Investment Innovator of the Year 2018 at the FinTech Business Awards and Australia’s Best Tech Innovation at the 2017 Finder Innovation Awards. The platform is continuing to grow with over 640,000 downloads in Australia and is planning to launch a Superannuation product this year.

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