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Angela Clark appointed CEO of payments fintech Beem It

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30 Oct

Angela Clark appointed CEO of payments fintech Beem It

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Angela Clark appointed CEO of payments fintech Beem It


Sydney, Australia, 9 October 2018Beem It, Australia’s first fintech venture founded collaboratively by leading Australian banks has appointed CBA executive and innovation leader, Ms Angela Clark to the role of CEO.


Beem It was established in February 2018 by National Australia Bank, Westpac and Commonwealth Bank to deliver better payments experiences within a dedicated app available to all Australians, regardless of who they bank with. Following Beem It’s initial launch in May 2018, it has quickly become a prominent P2P payments platform in Australia with a fast-growing user base, from millennials to baby boomers.


Beem It Chair, Ms Kim Anderson described Ms Clark as an exceptional leader with a rare combination of skills and experience across traditional banking, startups and innovation.


“Angela is a seasoned executive with extensive experience in large multi-layered organisations together with smaller innovative startups. She brings a deep understanding of the customer experience and the ability to innovate in an agile and fast-moving environment. We are delighted to have her lead this initiative and look forward to building an innovative and inclusive platform that delivers value across the Australian payments landscape,” Ms Anderson said.


Ms Clark’s experience as a CEO and Managing Director spans multiple sectors and customer segments, including payments and financial services, and digital and traditional media such as advertising, broadcasting and radio. She has led companies as a founding CEO and Managing Director, founded her own ventures, and led transformation of divisions and customer strategy within large organisations.


In 2017, Ms Clark joined the Commonwealth Bank (CBA) to lead the Small Business segment for the Retail Bank as an Executive General Manager. Ms Clark was part of an executive team comprising members across CBA, Westpac and National Australia Bank that spearheaded the founding of the Beem It payments venture, with a vision to create an open digital wallet and payments innovation platform for all Australian consumers and businesses.


Prior to joining CBA Ms Clark led the digital division of the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC), where she was responsible for the ABC’s digital strategy and delivery of its digital customer experience. Angela began her career as an investment analyst before joining global outdoor advertising leader JCDecaux as Managing Director of the Australian division, and later heading up Macquarie Radio as CEO, where she led the business to IPO. Ms Clark has a reputation as a leader in innovation in the Australian market and as an entrepreneur, having founded a number of her own digital media startups.


Ms Clark said she is excited to join Beem It as CEO at this early stage of its journey.


“I believe that the best innovation and technology helps us be more human, not less so. Beem It has a customer-first vision for making everyday payments moments an enjoyable and seamless experience. This lets our users focus on the experience itself, rather than the payment.


“Coordinating everyone in a group to pay their fair share, getting paid for babysitting or dog walking, sorting out a birthday present or charity contribution; we have all been in situations where asking for money is a hassle and delays in getting paid can cause awkwardness and resentment in groups, families and even among great friends. Beem It helps make those moments seamless, so we can enjoy our time together more and maintain our bonds,” Ms Clark said.





About Beem It

The Beem It app provides instant and free P2P payments, processed direct to user bank accounts. The intuitive interface links to smartphone contacts allowing customers to send, request or split payments in a few taps, with no BSB, account details or PayID required.


Beem It is available to all Australians, regardless of who they bank with. Backed by three of Australia’s largest banks, users are supported by rigorous security, encryption, identity and fraud protection measures.


Users appreciate the simplicity and convenience of Beem It, which is the highest-ranked financial app in both iOS and Android app stores, with more than 4.5 stars. Users can also earn up to $100 cash direct to their bank accounts, by spreading the word to their friends. Beem It also recently released a printable QR code to make it easier for small businesses to accept Beem It payments.


The Beem It platform powers the growing feature set within the Beem It app experience and will also enable Beem It payment experiences to be embedded in other digital services to support future partnerships and services as part of Beem It’s vision to build an open Australian digital wallet.


Digital Wallet Pty Ltd (trading as Beem It) is a joint venture of National Australia Bank, Westpac and Commonwealth Bank.


For more information, please visit www.beemit.com.au.


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