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Don’t let Sugar Spook You (or your kids) this Halloween

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30 Oct

Don’t let Sugar Spook You (or your kids) this Halloween

launch-admin Oct 30, 2018 0 704

Don’t let Sugar Spook You (or your kids) this Halloween

5 Halloween Hacks to reduce your child’s sugar intake


The only thing scarier than a haunted house on Halloween, is the the sugar overload from your little trick-or-treater loading up on sweet treats. Add this to the school activities, spooky parties, door knocking, and your child is in for one ghoulishly sugar-laden holiday!


According to the World Health Organisation (WHO), children between the ages of 2-18 should be consuming no more that six teaspoons of added sugar per day. On average, Australian kids are currently having consuming around 18 teaspoons a day – that’s more than three times the recommended intake, and that’s on an normal day!


As a parent, you’ll know Halloween doesn’t just last a day – the hoard of sweet food and beverages are excessively consumed in the following days, weeks and even months. When popular treats such as Skittles and M&Ms each contain 30g of sugar per serve, exceeding the daily recommended sugar intake for children in one hit, the effects of Halloween can cast a dark shadow for quite some time!


Reducing sugar intake doesn’t have to mean less fun, or even saying ‘R.I.P’ to delicious treats. Here’s 5 Halloween Hacks to help us all make smarter choices this holiday:

1. Play With Size: Swap large bags for small

Your child’s capacity to receive treats is dependent on how much they can carry. Minimising space for candy will subsequently prevent them from bringing excessive amounts home, while still achieving a full bag of goodies to show friends and family. Smaller bags can seem underwhelming, especially when compared to the variety of buckets and carry bags out here. Turn this swap into something interactive and personal by creating your own trick-or-treat bags that will instantly boost your child’s imagination in the celebration of all things spooky.


2. Strategically Plan Dinner: Swap an empty stomach for a full one

Trick-or-treating in a deep state of hunger is a HUGE mistake. Be sure to enjoy a fulfilling and nutritious dinner before knocking on doors for dessert. If you can try and incorporate apple cider vinegar into your little one’s dinner as it’s scientifically proven as the key ingredient in dampening those sugar cravings.


3. Look for Naturally Sugar Free alternatives: Swap artificial for natural

Double D’s range of delicious lollies are naturally coloured and flavoured, and most importantly, they’re made with natural stevia instead of sugar, making them perfect for dropping into the cauldrons of trick-or-treaters this Halloween. If it’s sweet potions you’re after, Nexba’s range of sugar-free soft drinks and flavoured waters with nothing artificial, are the perfect replacement for all those sugary soft drink cravings. Flavoured with all-natural colours and flavours, and sweetened with stevia, not even your little magician will spot the switch! With flavours like cola, pineapple, and lemon these are always a hit.

4. Appeal to the inner Entrepreneur: Swap candy for dollars

Unleash your child’s inner business mogul by bartering the sweets for pocket money. Not only will this motivate your child to trick-or-treat to their fullest, the prize at the end is far greater than a pile of chocolates. Buying back can also develop your child’s sense of responsibility and trade! If cash is not the preferred currency of trade, consider offering special events or activities instead such as a visit to the cinema or the local zoo.


5. What Candy?: Swap candy for toys

If you’re looking to go that extra mile and stay away from sweet treats altogether, replacing candy with fun toys like glow sticks and bubble blowers that will ensure that your children won’t fly off the (broom) handle. Not only will this reduce the sugar composition in the trick-or-treat bags, it’s also a great source of variety!