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Warrnambool Girls Are Full STEAM Ahead!

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Warrnambool Girls Are Full STEAM Ahead!

launch-admin Jan 29, 2019 0 553

Warrnambool Girls Are Full STEAM Ahead!
Girl Geek Academy to host a first-of-its-kind women’s coding and robotics event at Warrnambool Art Gallery

Australia, 8 October 2018: Social technology enterprise, Girl Geek Academy has partnered with Warrnambool Art Gallery and Creative Victoria through the Engaging Audiences program to put on a series of free innovative technology workshops, sessions, and panels, for women at Warrnambool Art Gallery from October 12-13.

In just a single day participants will learn to code rainbow LIFX lightbulb patterns using Python programming, get to know the art of game design and even dabble with robotics. The event will be the first of its kind to be hosted in Warrnambool, which will also offer participants access to some of the celebrated women currently showcased in the acclaimed Codebreakers exhibit. This will be the debut of the LIFX workshop for Girl Geek Academy.

The first day of the workshop will be held for local school-aged girls, while the second day will be open to women of all ages.

At present women only make up 16% of all Australia’s STEM fields, but through initiatives such as this Girl Geek Academy are on a mission to reverse the statistics and teach one million girls and women to learn technology by 2025.

Girl Geek Academy Co-founder Lisy Kane will be presenting as part of a panel at the event. The award winning games producer and Forbes 30 under 30 alumni will discuss her wave-making career that has seen her ranked alongside the world’s top game makers.

“Girl Geek Academy is now Australia’s first organisation solely dedicated to boosting the number of women with successful STEM careers. We do this by working with companies, schools and governments to improve their capacity to support women at all stages in the talent pipeline: from teaching young girls to code at age five right through to getting more women into senior technology leadership roles.” Ms Kane explains.

The initiative at Warrnambool Art Gallery is just one example of many Girl Geek Academy run in an attempt to teach and excite girls about the field technology. The team are also set to run a dedicated programming space at Melbourne’s upcoming PAX Aus gaming conference this month, highlighting some of the most innovative work from female coders around the world.