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Australian coconut water pioneer H2coco launches new juice range H2juice

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19 Aug

Australian coconut water pioneer H2coco launches new juice range H2juice

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New product range to transform juice space and further expand ‘better for you’ category

Sydney, Australia, 20 March 2019 – Australia’s coconut water innovator and ‘better for you’ lifestyle beverage brand, H2coco, has introduced a brand-new juice range – H2juice, now being sold in Woolworths supermarkets around Australia.

With more and more Australians becoming increasingly aware of the nasties associated with other juice brands in the market, such as refined sugars, added sugars and preservatives, H2coco is staying true to its brand with its new H2juice range. Available in three flavours – Pineapple, Mango Mix and Berry Mix, H2juice products are 100% natural, made from real fruit juices, with no added sugar or preservatives, is certified vegan and sealed at the source to maintain freshness.

David Freeman, H2coco founder and CEO, said, “The rise in consumer interest for healthier, lower sugar products has been a driver for us to create H2juice and introduce this new product category to our range. We’ve created three unique and fresh flavour combinations that are thirst-quenching and taste great, which we think will appeal to Australian consumers – in particular, young and growing families, and especially their kids, will find this healthier alternative becoming a permanent fixture in their fridge.”

H2juice Pineapple is a specialty juice made from 100% pineapple, which is also a rich source of Vitamin C – its tropical flavour is the perfect balance between sweetness and tart. Sourced from natural and exotic locations, H2juice Mango Mix contains a tasty fusion of mango, passionfruit, grape, apple, pineapple and orange. H2juice Berry Mix is a delicious, deep blend of nature’s finest berries, including strawberry, blackcurrant, raspberry and blueberry – a delightful beverage on its own, Berry Mix can also be a fantastic addition to any cocktail or mixed drink.

On the sustainability front, H2coco heavily focuses on ensuring it only works with manufacturers that have environmentally friendly practices in place to ensure the company is providing consumers the ability to make the real choice when it comes to packaging and ethically-sourced products. H2juice is the only juice range available in Tetra Pak, a variety of packaging made from renewable resources. The average renewable content of Tetra Pak carton packaging is currently around 75 per cent and post-consumer, Tetra Pak cartons can be recycled and are a valuable raw material for new products.

H2coco is dedicated to empowering people’s lives to make every day healthier through its healthy innovation. The company works alongside food scientists in development of new products and make health convenient and easily accessible. H2juice follows on the heels of the company’s first-to-market offerings including the first-ever, long-life watermelon water and real banana water products, H2melon and H2nana, as well as CocoEspresso, CocoChoc, and its recently released Pure Pink Coconut Water.

H2juice varieties are available at Woolworths stores nationally in individual 1L Tetra Pak RRP $4.00. For bulk purchases, a case of six 1L tetra packs is available at www.h2coconut.com RRP $24.00


About H2coco
The H2coco company is Australia’s leading pure fruit water-based beverage manufacturer and progressive lifestyle brand. Established in 2010, H2coco has made headway with its Pure Coconut Water products and is now branching out, bringing a number of first-to-market products including world-first innovations such as H2melon, H2nana and SuperGreens Coconut Water. H2coco empowers the consumer’s journey towards a lifestyle of making every day healthier, by creating an innovative range of ‘better for you’ hydration drinks, made from 100% natural ingredients.

For more information, visit www.h2coconut.com.