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19 Jul

Dark Social: the new dimension

by launch-admin Jul 19, 2013 0 Social Media , , , , , , , , ,

Nothing exists in a vacuum, and so it goes that everything is connected to one or a few other things. Once this is  taken into consideration, the common belief that social media sites (like Facebook and Twitter) are largely responsible for the increased traffic in many websites starts to get shaky. READ MORE

18 Jul

Measuring your influence

by launch-admin Jul 18, 2013 0 Social Media , , , , ,

Social media reporting tools are programs which check or show how the use of social media has affected marketing efforts and can measure the overall effectiveness of social campaigns. This may be to help build a company’s client base or expose their brand to potential new clients, either way these tools are helpful in analysing and sorting online trends.  Here are some of the commonly used reporting tools available today. READ MORE